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It Ain’t Over Yet — Teen Wolf is Back!

It Ain’t Over Yet — Teen Wolf is Back!

I can’t wait to see how they’re going to wrap this last half season of Teen Wolf up. So, let’s dive into the first episode of the second half of the sixth season.

We start back on the lacrosse field. This is where Scott went from an unknown, nerdy kid to the captain of the team. It’s the same place where his werewolf powers were put on display through good old fashioned game play. Now he’s passing the baton. Liam is all set to move into his role as the Captain of the lacrosse team and the alpha. He will, once he finds a way to accept that things are changing and control his wolfiness better.

Scott, Malia, and Lydia are preparing to leave. Stiles is already gone, but Lydia isn’t so set on leaving. I’m sure Beacon Hills won’t make it easy for them to leave, either.

Now we’re back in the medical facility with an orderly and an administrator of some kind. There’s a “patient” that’s been there since 1912 encased in a shell made of hard, volcanic ash that’s cracking open. It opens and we meet Beacon Hills’ newest resident, another hellhound.

After a bit of creepiness, we find ourselves back at the high school, and it’s the baby wolf pack’s senior year. We meet a new guidance counselor who seems to have intimate knowledge of what happened with The Wild Hunt. We also have another character, Nolan. Either he’s going to be with us for a short time or he’s going to play a major role in the rest of the season. Only time will tell.

It’s interesting how all of the members of Scott’s wolf pack and their parents want them to move on and let Liam handle things. It doesn’t seem like Liam is fully ready to take the reins as alpha just yet, though.

Then Lydia gets a vision. It’s nice and vague as her visions tend to be, but still quite foreboding. The Wild Hunt may be over, but everything isn’t ok in Beacon Hills. Later we discover that this new hellhound is connected to The Wild Hunt, but it’s tough to see how. Apparently, something was left behind after the Hunt.

Guys, the new guidance counselor is kind of a badass. I mean, she rolls up on the hellhound and takes him on like a bawse before shooting him in the head. I don’t think she’s a supernatural being or specially trained, but she does have bullets with the Argent symbol on it. So there’s that.

Now the Wolf Pack is wrestling with whether they should call Stiles and ask him to come back. He left Scott a voicemail message that sounds very happy. He urges Scott to make sure he gets out of Beacon Hills and experiences the rest of the world. He’s obviously very happy at Quantico. Well, he’s happy until he sees a video of a fugitive that the FBI is actively pursuing, and it happens to be Derek. He’s wanted for mass murder. It looks like it’s going to be much harder for the wolf pack to truly leave Beacon Hills, after all.

We’ve seen the return of Derek, which is awesome. It’ll be fun to keep track of which characters show back up for this final season. I’d love to see Jackson and Kira come back. How about you? Which characters to you want to see again?

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