Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio? Say It Ain’t So!

Well according to Sony Pictures — as reported on Deadline — it is so. The actor is in talks to play the infamous arch enemy of Spider-Man Mysterio in the next sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming. If this deal goes through this will be Gyllenhaal's first comic book movie role and he will star alongside Michael...

‘Black Lightning’ Showrunner Salim Akil Chats with BGN About Season One of Our New Favorite Show

Salim Akil talks comics, conspiracies, code-switching and his hopes for 'Black Lightning' season two in this Black Girl Nerds exclusive interview.

Spotlight: 5 DC Comics That Are Transforming the Universe

A few weeks ago at WonderCon, DC’s Dan DiDio and Jim Lee a live-stream event where they laid out their plans for upcoming book releases. DC Comics seems truly focused on finding a book for every type of reader. They are reaching out to middle grade and teen readers, respectively, with the Zoom series, featuring...

DC Comics Celebrates Superman’s 80th Year & Action 1000

At a special panel at Wondercon Jim Lee, Dan Jurgens, and Marv Wolfman shared stories of their experiences with Superman and hints on some of the stories that will be in the special issues. Here is a look at some of the creative talent involved FEATURING ALL-NEW ART AND STORIES BY: BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS JOHN CASSADAY ...

Gail Simone: The Nerd Community Has Not Forgotten the People of Puerto Rico

The comic book community is again coming together to assist in the recovery of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the island six months ago. After organizers of Puerto Rico Comic-con announced they would go forward with the annual event, several artists, celebrities and creators have reinforced their commitment to the people of the island...

5 Thoughts From Freeform’s New “Cloak and Dagger” Trailer

Freeform's newest Marvel show, 'Cloak and Dagger' hits the small screen on June 7 and has tantalized awaiting fans with a new trailer. What does the new sneak peek reveal? Check out one BGN's breakdown of what it can all mean, here on Black Girl Nerds!

The New Face of ‘Kick-Ass’ by Millar & Romita Jr — BGN Comic Review

'Kick-Ass' gets a new look with its latest incarnation by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. BGN's resident comic book reviewer, Kai Charles, gives her take on the newest vigilante. Read on for more on Black Girl Nerds!

SXSW 2018: TuneIn Live Hosts Coffee & Mayhem, featuring DMC & Jamie Broadnax

“Comic books were an empowering entity in my life.” These were some of the many breathless, passionate words shared by Darryl McDaniels, better known as D.M.C., the King of Rock in the chart-busting, genre-blending, pioneering rap group Run-D.M.C. Tune In Live programming at SXSW 2018 hosted a special podcast episode on Wednesday, March 14th, dubbed...

Tandem Review: ‘Sideways’ & ‘The Silencer’ Issue 1 — BGN Comic Review

'The New Age of Heroes' has released two new superheroes for us to love: Sideways and The Silencer. Read one comic book enthusiast's review of the tandem comic books here, on Black Girl Nerds!

BGN Comic Review: ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’

Ask any Star Wars fan about Grand Admiral Thrawn and the majority of them will smile and tell you about their favorite parts of the Heir To The Empire, the book series where Timothy Zahn first introduced readers to the Grand Admiral. When the new canon was introduced, many believed they would never see the...
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