Black Panther and the Reclaiming of An Authentic Afrofuturism

Watching Marvel’s Black Panther for the first (and second) time, I reveled in the unapologetic Blackness of it all. With Black women, loved and respected, at the center of a narrative that embraces Afrofuturism, it is a wonder when we realize that this character and world were originally created by two white men, Stan...

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘The Black Dahlias’

Read on for the latest review of 'The Black Dahlias' Issue Zero by Schwarz, Clark, Syahrazad & Aguierre, right now on Black Girl Nerds!

BGN Comic Book Review: ‘Metal’ Issue 5

Black Girl Nerds contributor Kai Charles returns with the latest review of 'Dark Knights Metal Issue 5' right here on Black Girl Nerds. Read on for more!

‘Long Live the King’ Series Gifts Black Panther to the African Diaspora

The Black Panther: Long Live the King series from Marvel, exclusively for Comixology has been chronicling T’Challa’s struggle with natural disaster fallout, internal strife, and powerful being that causes the monarch to lose his Black Panther essence. We arrive in Book 6 which releases February 28, 2018, where a Nigerian girl Ngozi and her...

BGN Interview: Comic Book Artist Alitha E. Martinez

If you haven't heard of Alitha E. Martinez, let me provide a brief explainer on why you should know who this eminent comic book artist is. With a nearly 20-year career in comics, Alitha E. Martinez is an inker and penciller, who has worked for both of the big 2 --- Marvel and DC....

Bingo Love Evokes “Moonlight” In ‘San Junipero’ This Valentines Day

"For those who don't know Bingo Love, I see it as Moonlight meets Black Mirror's San Junipero episode." A happy little thrum of recognition rolled off of the crowd gathered at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse when author Tee Franklin described her gorgeous book as such. I had just finished reading Bingo Love at my table...

I’m Moving To Wakanda So I Can Relish In Black People Magic 24/7: #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe

Whoooooo! Black Panther debuts in theaters on February 16th. We're only a few more days away! Stay calm people; it'll be here before we know it! I personally first started hearing buzz about Marvel Studio’s Black Panther back in 2016. At the time, I had been doing research on racism and minorities in comics/graphic novels for the final...

Can You Believe It: Wesley Snipes Was Almost Black Panther!

As most of the world prepares to sit for the highly-anticipated Marvel film 'Black Panther,' former Marvel star Wesley Snipes reveals he nearly played the character 20 years prior! Read on for more.

Make 100 Heroes With Planet Random Comics

Planet Random Creative is an entertainment company that develops comics, films and comic related media. We’ve built an incredible storytelling universe with every fan at heart because every fan deserves a hero. We believe you belong. Our Make 100 Heroes campaign enables fans to create the heroes they feel are missing from comics, animation, and...

BGN Film Review: ‘Black Panther’ – Marvel’s Greatest Accomplishment

The title of this movie review may seem hyperbolic to some, but trust me when I say that Marvel has created a masterpiece with Black Panther. I plan to keep this review spoiler-free and leave out details, because I want you to go in with fresh eyes and experience this the same way I...

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