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The Absolute Worst: Bad Television Series Finales

The Absolute Worst: Bad Television Series Finales


It’s no secret that we love our television here at Black Girl Nerds. With the series finale of Scandal fast approaching (and we hope it never ends up on one of these lists), the BGN staff started thinking about how badly some television series’ ended. Here are some of our picks for the worst series finales ever.

The numerical order is a feature of the list, not a ranking.

“The Blessed Dark” (Penny Dreadful) by Afiya Augustine

Penny Dreadful’s surprise series finale has got to go down as one of the worst endings of a show. After giving us powerful female characters, preparing us for even more femme awesomeness and building up this dramatic, climactic explosion between two of its main characters, the finale was reduced to an underdeveloped resolution that had me wondering “this is what I came for?” Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler’s internal and external struggles made for an ending of epic proportions and it culminated in a bit of gun smoke and “what now?” Brona’s transformation to zealous feminist Lily went flat too quickly and their introduction of other noted Gothic characters came off an afterthought someone thought was a “cute thing to do.” That ending was a slap in fans’ faces and did not do the show justice AT ALL.

“Chosen” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Cherra Hampton-Mitchell

This one makes my list for one reason…ANYA DIES. Anyanka Christina Emanuella Jenkins—my beloved vengeance demon turned money hungry, shrewd businesswoman and Scooby Gang helper—is unceremoniously bisected by a Bringer. A disappointing ending for a character that was an absolute breath of fresh air. She deserved an ending befitting of the sarcastic queen she was.

“Last Forever Part 2” (How I Met Your Mother) by Stephanie Francis

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother was one of the first television shows I really found myself obsessed with. Was it appropriate for a middle schooler to watch this show? Probably not, but I was. The title of the show IS the premise, and despite nine seasons we never get to experience this beautiful life-changing love that Ted kept harping about.

The mother is in maybe 4 episodes and then she dies. This, combined with the self-sabotaging need to destroy one of their most compelling relationships (Swarkles forever), make How I Met Your Mother a master class on how to drop the ball after building nine years of suspense.

“The End Part 2” (Lost) by Jamie Broadnax

One of the worst endings for me was Lost because it was so uneventful and lazy. No loose ends tied and it was like the writers just threw a dart through a dartboard of possible endings and went with whatever would stick. Terrible final season.

“Remember the Monsters?” (Dexter) by Cherra Hampton-Mitchell


Think of a television show you love. Now think of the most nightmarish way it could end. Are you thoroughly horrified yet? That’s the Dexter series finale. Seasons of beautiful, dark, twisted buildup only to have it spiral down a toilet of despair and loathing in the end. It’s the Voldemort of series finales—let’s just not speak of it.

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