New Poster Released for ‘Annihilation’


February 23rd’s release of Annihilation, the new film adaptation of the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, now has a brand new poster!

Annihilation Poster

For those who aren’t familiar with the original book, it explores the bizarre journey of a team of scientists exploring a strange, sectioned-off piece of land known as “Area X.” Surrounding Area X is a mysterious, ghostly boundary, a breached path through which seems to be the subject of its newest poster—it’s also represented in the trailers as a glowing, multicolored haze.

Natalie Portman plays the lead, a/k/a “The biologist,” whose husband explored Area X and suffered a cost for his travels. Joining her are Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez, themselves playing additional members of the team, all codenamed by their profession. Explaining the reason for these codenames may be considered a kind of spoiler, but all you need to know is that Area X affects people, reality, physics, and even identity in unpredictable ways.

For early 2018, Annihilation is most certainly the film I am most looking forward to, and will hopefully inspire increased interest in VanderMeer’s incredible series. In the meantime, I definitely recommend checking out the series, too. The way the books are written, the 2nd and 3rd books—Authority and Acceptance—greatly affect how you look at the events from the first one, so my hope is that the same would be true when approaching the new film as well.

We previously discussed the two trailers here and here, but I’m posting them again below as well:

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Annihilation releases in theaters on February 23rd, and is directed and written by Alex Garland, based on the novel Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer. The film is produced by DNA Films, Paramount Pictures, Scott Rudin Productions, and Skydance Media. It stars Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Oscar Isaac, Sonoya Mizuno, and others.