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BGN Review : Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

BGN Review : Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Written by Stacy Appiah

So far this is one of my favorite K-dramas of 2017.

It came out early this year and it exemplifies everything that is great about K-dramas.
The plot is based around Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young) and the supernatural strength that she was born with. I’m not talking about inner strength, that girl can bench press a tractor. One day while saving a bus driver that was being attacked by a thug, she runs into Min Hyuk (Park Hung-Sik). He is the young and handsome CEO of a gaming company. After witnessing her feats of strength, Min Hyuk hires her to be his bodyguard to protect him from a stalker.

On the surface, this is a romantic comedy. The real drama lies in the presence of a serial kidnapper attacking a woman in Bong Soon’s neighborhood of Dobong-dong. Her childhood friend Kook-Doo (Kim Ji-Soo) is a part of the team of detectives trying to take down the criminal. As the Do Bong-Soon and Min Hyuk stalker investigation comes to a close, their paths cross with Kook-Doo and his serial kidnapping case. With Do Bong-Soon’s super strength the three of them team up to solve the case and rescue the missing women.

The three main actors bring their characters to life. Dazzling the audience with their wide range and nail biting love triangles that will have you picking sides. The ensemble cast is full of memorable and wacky characters that jump out of the background and add a comedic element to the plot. The romances are created from actual character development and don’t feel rushed. Each episode ranges from an hour to an hour and a half, but they’ll leave you satisfied and wanting more.

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Do Bong-Soon has an amazing plot, action, and strong female lead character. With all of these amazing features, I still give the show a 3.9 out of 5. It would’ve gotten the full 5 points, but some of the characters have a problematic nature (Kind of offensive depiction of an LGBT character and also mentions of domestic violence).

With a strong female lead and action scenes that put you on the edge of your seat, I still definitely recommend this show.

This show can be found on websites such as Dramafever, Viki, and wherever Kdramas are available.




Stacy Appiah is a struggling student using her blerdy obsessions to escape into different worlds. As a young blerd her love of reading led her to manga and then anime, falling in love with K-dramas as a teenager. You can always find her jotting down story ideas or flipping through a manga.

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