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‘Black Sails’ “XXXI”: Reunited and it Feels so Good!

‘Black Sails’ “XXXI”: Reunited and it Feels so Good!

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Black Sails XXXI: Reunited and it Feels so Good!


Billy Bones was extra, Silver underestimated Max, and Teach fell right into Rogers’ trap.

Berringer, Max, and Eleanor

Berringer and Max

Berringer is crying over a picture of I assume his wife and child. I don’t feel sorry for him. However, last episode they told the story of how the previous governor’s wife and young boy were killed before he fled, so maybe that was Berringer. It would explain why he’s so gung-ho to kill all of the pirates.

Berringer talks to Rogers about his true nature which I believe is pretty ruthless. Rogers thanks him for giving him good men and Berringer said that they are not good men and the moment calls for “dark men to do dark things.”

The lady that was spying for Spain says that she hasn’t been contacted in weeks. That maybe everything’s over with the Spanish gold and that she can be released after they go to Philadelphia. That seems a bit too easy for me. Eleanor is told that her departure has been delayed and that the men she has are needed ashore.

Max is pulled from her bed by some men and taken to Berringer. He had her followed and the man saw her talking with Long John Silver. He wants to know what the meeting was about and she tells him that she was summoned, he tried to extort money, and that 4 of her 6 men died. She says she’s loyal. Berringer asks if she was so loyal why didn’t she inform him of the meeting so he could take care of it. Berringer interrogates Max and says he wants the name of her sources. It’s obvious Berringer is playing the short game and Max is playing the long one.

Max tells Eleanor that she refused to tell Berringer what happened. She doesn’t want the resistance to grow stronger since it started when Vane was killed. Max tells Eleanor that she thinks she can control him, but by the time she realizes he is controlling her it’ll be too late which really applies to everyone this episode.

Berringer receives a note from Silver with the black mark. Berringer reads it and taunts those that gathered. He says the time is now so come take it, but like they don’t mean literally now. The note means to be ready when Silver shows up.

Eleanor tells Berringer not to hang the men out in the open because it will only antagonize them. That there’s only so much fear a man can endure. I’m surprised that Eleanor is making sense, but it doesn’t last for long because she gives him a route that the pirates use and tells him to end it quietly.

Berringer brings three of the pirate crew to be hanged. Eleanor asks what happened to doing things quietly and Berringer says that he is in control and there is no control if it’s done quietly. Eleanor sends for Max and they go hide in the fort as it’s obvious Berringer has lost it. He brings more men out in the hopes that Silver will come out and fight him which he does and Berringer is taken care of.

Rogers, Teach, Rackham, and Anne

For Teach:

Anne and ’em are chasing Rogers. Teach is going to take Anne with him to board Rogers ship and Jack is going to bring the ship by to support them once it’s been taken.

Jack blows the crap out of the governor’s ship and thinking it’s clear, Teach and Anne go to clean up the rest. There are bodies everywhere which is waaayy suspicious and too easy. Of course, Rogers’ men were hiding under the boat and they make quick work of Teach’s crew. Jack flies the white flag to surrender — which is a terrible idea.

Rogers has Jack, Anne, and Teach lined up with their crew down below watching them. Flashback to Berringer asking what he’d do if Rogers captures Teach. Rogers tells a story about how this ship that surrendered shot a cowardly shot and killed three men including his super awesome better than him brother. When they went on board to deal with the ship, he tortured them all. 73 men with 1 left to recount the tale. Rogers is all like Imma show them what it means to threaten who I hold dear and I’m like Eleanor killed who they loved soooo….

They torture Teach first, of course — Rogers doesn’t actually do it himself, but makes his crew do it. Like Max said earlier, Rogers thinks he has control of the situation, but Teach does not go out easily which ultimately saves everyone else’s life.

Rogers tells his men to head back to Nassau.

Silver, Flint, and Madi

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Madi and Flint are meeting and they both agree they have to fight and one of Madi’s men says he will never fight with pirates again. She puts him in his place, because that’s what she does. Madi thanks Flint for siding with her and he said its the only way to save Nassau.

Madi goes to Eme and asks her for support. Eme is upset that Madi is with Captain Flint and Silver and Madi tells her that Silver is dead. Eme lets her know that Silver is alive and that Berringer is going after him.

Dogs and soldiers are coming for Hands and Silver. Hands asks how he plans to take Nassau. Hands asks if he is Teach and everyone else will be forgotten or will they do it just the two of them. The soldiers begin raiding the camp, but Silver and Hands escape from the men in the camp and run straight into men pointing guns at them. The men fall and we see Flint and Jojii with their guns out. Silver tells Hands that’s how they’re going to take Nassau.

Flint takes Silver back to camp and Silver is like Billy tried to kill you and Madi? He asks what they’re going to do about it and Flint says they don’t know yet. Billy has control (there’s that word again) and will have eliminated those that would try to challenge him. Flint asks about Hands and Silver says he’s cool.

Silver sees Madi and they run to each other and it’s so cute, but now the cats out of the bag and I’m not sure how the others will handle it.

Eme reports to the group about Berringer freaking out. Flint says everyone knows what to do when Silver returns so Eme goes to let everyone know he’s coming.

Flint leads Silver down the middle of Nassau on a horse. They walk up to where Berringer is and Berringer has his men get in line to fire, but the whole town shows up behind Silver. They all fire and a lot of the redcoats fall. More redcoats show up at the top of the square and it seems like their plan won’t work, but Billy shows up looking all crazy.

He’s still canceled.

Hands is going off with some axes when he spots Berringer and chases him up to the gallows.  He kills Berringer and makes an example out of him by slicing his throat in front of everybody. Now the pirates are back in charge of Nassau and the governor is coming back with Rackham and Anne which will be interesting.

In Summation:

Berringer thought, Rogers thought, Eleanor thought, but they all done thought wrong.

Tayci is a mother of 3 boys and a Ravenclaw and a member of #WizardTeam. In her spare time she tries to write, but usually plays Fallout 4 or Tropico 5. You can find her work here and here and you can find her onTwitter and Tumblr @taycibear.

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