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Black Woman 2020: The Box Gives America What It Deserves

Black Woman 2020: The Box Gives America What It Deserves

In these exhausting political times, it has become painfully apparent that America needs a hero. While the news of a possible Oprah presidency sparked excitement in some people, for others it was just another reminder of the burden placed on black women to fix America’s problems. From changing the course of history by voting in historical numbers to starting a worldwide conversation about sexual assault, black women have gone above and beyond the call of duty for their country. In this hilarious sketch by The Box Show, written by and starring Kayla Brooks, America is finally given the opportunity to experience what it would really be like to have a Black woman president. The Box, a sketch comedy panel, an interview show with a 100% female staff, presents Black Woman 2020.

For information about Black women running for office in your state, please visit: Black Women In Politics


The Box is an intersectional feminist comedy, panel, and interview show. They take on issues and themes in the world of women and break them down into bite-sized morsels. It’s funnier, better, more real, talk TV for women.

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By Kayla Brooks

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