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Top 5 MOST Annoying Appearances of Boob Cups in Comics

Top 5 MOST Annoying Appearances of Boob Cups in Comics

by Cherra Hampton-Mitchell

Can we talk about one of the most annoying trends in comics? Ladies, I’m sure you know what it is already, but just in case you don’t: boob cups, also known as boob plate armor. Why must the women of comic universes be subjected to that nonsense? It’s ridiculous, serves no purpose, and might actually be hazardous in battle. Boobs don’t need cups. Comic artists, make like Elsa and let it go.

Below are my TOP FIVE most annoying appearances of boob cups in comics.

5. Big Barda – Birds of Prey #104

If boob plate armor served a purpose (which it doesn’t), shouldn’t it at the very least protect the chest? Barda’s shoulders are more protected than her heart in this getup.

4. Donna Troy – The Return of Donna Troy #2

Who thought this super top-heavy armor would be a good idea? How is she supposed to fight effectively when she can’t move her torso? I won’t even get into the armored thong.

3. Pepper Potts – Rescue #1

Iron Man suit with boobs. The only reason Pepper doesn’t rank higher is because this is all Tony Stark’s fault.

2. Valkyrie – Fearless Defenders #2

I can’t tell whether Valkyrie is supposed to be dressed for a fight or a guest appearance on Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour.

1. Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman #173

My girl Diana comes in at #1 because the poor woman has been subjected to boob cups more times than anyone should. Boob cups are practically a staple of the Amazon’s winged battle armor.

Honorable Mention: Hippolyta – Fearless Defenders #2

Boob cups with sharp, pointy edges just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Fearless Defenders is a boob cup nightmare.


Author’s Bio: Cherra Hampton-Mitchell is a hardcore Wonder Woman fangirl, blerd by birthright, internet junkie, and chronic sufferer of wanderlust. In her spare time she likes to live tweet television shows and make apocalypse survival plans. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr –@WildYoungCharm


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