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‘Captive State’ Full Length Trailer Offers Answers and More Questions

‘Captive State’ Full Length Trailer Offers Answers and More Questions

Ashton Saunders shines in the new Captive State full-length trailer. We get a bit more information about his role and what his world looks like, but only enough to ask more questions. The mystery surrounding this film has me hooked, so I’ll be watching for more bits of information as we get closer to the 2019 release. Here are some new questions I have after watching the trailer.

1. Who is John Goodman and what is his role in this government? 

Goodman showed up in the first trailer as the leader of sorts, and the rich man towering over the starving masses. I got some monarchy vibes there for a hot second. Then, The Legislature flew their Battlestar Galactica ship over Wrigley Field and killed all my notions of who Goodman was and what his part is. In the new trailer, he is all over Saunders character and PANICKED! Now, I’m wondering if he’s just glorified middle management, if so, who is he afraid of?

2. Why is he picking on our guy Ashton?

Saunders wasn’t bothering anybody in the first two trailers. He was romancing his girl, going to work, and helping where he could. So why is he now the person that the main line to The Legislature wants to bother so bad? What did he do?

3. What did Saunder’s Daddy do?

So, it seems that Goodman’s character wants something from Saunder’s and it has something to do with the latter’s father. Later, we see Saunder’s father and possibly his mother in a car and something is about to happen to them. Are they fleeing? Does the father have a special power that the son has inherited? Or, does the father have some influence that the government can capitalize on by using the son?

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4. Is that homeless, supposedly crazy dude Jonathan Majors? 

The man set to have a great year in 2019 is a homeless man in this film…I think. He looks like an oracle of sorts for Saunder’s character. I know that his name is Rafe, that’s it.  Majors will star in The Last Black Man in San Fransisco, Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country, and The Trial of the Chicago 7, among other films. You will be seeing his name a lot next year. I just would really like to know who he is here and what’s his role in the story.

5. Who is the dude behind the voice of the resistance? 

So, we’ve been hearing his voice since the second trailer, telling us that the propaganda video touting the good life in the world is a lie. We know this. Then, we see a symbol. But, we don’t see dude. Who are you man? And, what can you tell us about these aliens?

Captive State looks like a thrill ride on par with some of the films that have shaped the alien invasion sci-fi thriller genres in the past 20 years (Cloverfield and War of the Worlds come to mind). It a film that I can’t wait to see.

Captive State comes to theaters March 29, 2019


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