‘Creed II’ Trailer Drops Mad Hints On The Next Big Fight

Creed II --Trailer 1



The new trailer for Creed II is fresh off the presses. The fans get to see how Adonis, played by Michael B. Jordan, has grown and changed. But, he’s still struggling to get from under the shadow of his later father–the great Apollo Creed.

Now, he needs to fight to feed a family, probably got a mortgage and everything. That shadow just won’t pass, though. I think he’s going to bite off more than he can chew in this next big fight.

The trailer is where we get some juicy details about the movie. Tessa’s character Bianca is holding up a pretty black baby, Creed lays all beat to hell in a hospital bed, Rocky sits in a graveyard (yikes!), and Phylicia Rashad comes back as mama Mary pulling no punches of her own. It all points to Adonis doing something risky and stupid that will put everything on the line.

Creed II comes to theaters November 21.

Tell us what you think Adonis and Bianca are into this time around…