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‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 1: “Vader (Father)” — RECAP

‘Kings of Jo’Burg,’ Season 1 Episode 1: “Vader (Father)” — RECAP

Kings of Jo’Burg

Good Morning Jozi presenter Masechaba Ndlovu informs us that there has been recent violence in Jozi that includes assault rifles that can pierce through bulletproof vests. It also happens that notorious gang leader Mogomotsi Masire (Zolisa Xaluva) is being released from prison. She speaks to Jazmine Gumeda (Tsholofelo Matshaba) of National Intelligence Operative on his release and how the law could be failing the public, even shaming Jazmine’s department for not doing their job properly because Mogomotsi brought himself in and admitted to crimes. Jazmine doesn’t appreciate this at all and storms off. 

Kings of Jo’Burg

Mogomotsi is dropped off in what seems like a dirt road, while in the city, a suspicious BMW arrives in an underground parking lot with passengers who are heavily armed. One of the security guards is working with these men but has to lose a finger in the process. The rest of the guards are taken down one by one to get to the safe. Another car rolls up into the parking lot but the passenger is Simon “Vader” Masire (Shona Ferguson). He smiles as he passes by the bleeding security guard then goes through the building to the safe. He’s the boss of the operation. When he walks through the laser detectors, his eyes change colors and sharp teeth appear before he hits the ground. Interesting…

The Captain Stan Mazibuko (Sello Sebotsane) and an employee discuss Jazmine’s interview and Simon Masire before being interrupted by news of Armoured Africa being robbed. Mogomotsi is walking a very long dirt road while Boss man hops into a Rolls Royce, with a license plate that says Vader, is being watched by undercover cops that look like they are homeless. Mogomotsi is able to hitchhike with a kind woman, who is willing to assist a man who was released from prison, and states he has no family. Bossman arrives home to his wifey, Angela (Buhle Samuels), in lingerie, but their conversation turns to Tlotlo, who heard about Mogomotsi and packed his things and left. Wifey wants to be reassured by Bossman that nothing will change. Mogomotsi’s savior questions his lack of family, and we find out that he has an older brother, younger sister, ex-wife, and a son who didn’t visit him in prison. She is kind enough to give him some cash and tells him to stop by her shop. The Captain and Jazmine discuss how there is only one crew that is able to get through undetected. 

Mogomotsi makes a call to get a number for Tlotlo Masire. Could that be his son? Somewhere in Jo’burg, drunk and sleeping Tlotlo (TK Sebothoma) answers the call from his father. Bossman aka Simon is meeting with two men about the release of his brother, Mogomotsi aka Mo; Simon isn’t trying to go on the offense against his brother as the other two suggest. Apparently, Mo took the bullet for them but they are in fear for their lives. Also, Simon’s wifey is Tlotlo’s mother, which means she is Mo’s ex. Anyways Tlotlo calls Simon to see his brother. 

Tlotlo barely speaks to his father about what he is doing but questions Mo on what he is planning to do after being locked up for over ten years. Mo wants to do something different with his life but Tlotlo is upset with him over his actions. Simon rocks up with the two gentlemen but the reunion between him and Mo is friendly. Mo gets a new suit and fine drinks to celebrate his release, but everyone is being awkward since they haven’t talked in a decade. Tlotlo isn’t impressed with the fake love given by the men, especially his uncle. Jazmine arrives at the hotel with cops to arrest Mo for suspicion of robbery at Armoured Africa. While at the precinct, Jazmine admits that they know he wasn’t behind the robbery and wants him to help her take down his brother Simon. 

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Kings of Jo’Burg

Mo refuses representation while his ex-wife talks to Simon about not trusting Mo. Menzi (Lehlohonolo Makoko) and the other gentleman talk to Simon on whether or not they can trust Mo. Before Menzi leaves, Simon tells him to stop speaking to his wife about issues. Mo refuses to assist Jazmine, but she is ready to play dirty to get him. Tlotlo drunkenly speaks to Simon about him framing Mo and calls him out for marrying his dad’s ex, but Simon dismisses him for being high and drunk. Menzi is giving orders to an “employee” of the “company,” giving him orders to neutralize Mo. The employee questions why “Father” isn’t giving the orders but states he will do it. 

Jazmine plays her card: Mo has a daughter? Simon brings Mo home where he confronts his ex about the child that she said she lost years ago. This is news to both brothers, but she admits that the child is with her mother. Mo goes off on Simon for taking everything from him all his life. Simon apologizes then offers to take Mo to see his child. Tlotlo was watching the whole exchange. 

The two brothers arrive at the house where Mo finally meets his daughter who is well aware of who he is. The two take her to Simon’s home as Mo grabs items to leave. Simon offers Mo cash to take care of his daughter with an offer for when he is ready Tlotlo is very jealous of the new “baby,” Neo. Mo bonds with his daughter as they make their way to his savior Phumzi’s spot. The man who is to carry out the hit is watching from afar and so is Jazmine. Phumzi and Mo talk about what his next plan is, then she offers him an apartment to rent for the time being. Mo is shot in the shoulder while out on the balcony, but Neo is hit with a bullet as well and is killed instantly.

Kings of Jo’Burg

There’s a lot to follow here but I can’t help to want to dive into this some more. My brain is trying to piece together the family drama and dynamics that lead to this opening. Not to mention the fact a child, who was hidden, is now dead. Menzi is for certain going to die a cruel death once he’s caught. Oh, don’t think I have forgotten about the supernatural element here, I just wonder if we will see more of it and if Tlotlo has inherited it. Tlotlo needs to see a therapist for his issues…matter of fact, the whole family does. Who marries their ex-husband’s brother?

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