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Make 100 Heroes With Planet Random Comics

Make 100 Heroes With Planet Random Comics

make 100 heroes
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Planet Random Creative is an entertainment company that develops comics, films and comic related media. We’ve built an incredible storytelling universe with every fan at heart because every fan deserves a hero. We believe you belong.

Our Make 100 Heroes campaign enables fans to create the heroes they feel are missing from comics, animation, and film. There is no one to tell you who your heroes are. As a part of Make 100 Heroes, you will have a seat at the table, direct access to a production team and the power to make the hero you feel the world needs.

Join us today to make the heroes of tomorrow and receive unforgettable personalized rewards to show off your work.

You will find no sidekicks here. Launched in honor of Black History Month, this is an inclusive but limited engagement that ends on February 28th. We invite you to help us Make 100 Heroes. We Belong.

make 100 heroesTEAM

Raymond Ayala, the Creative Director, is a Rising Star Glyph Award recipient and has led two successful Kickstarter campaigns. [Update: This Kickstarter campaign is currently funded at 350%]

Errol Grencio, the Art Director, has worked in animation for twenty years including the feature Heavy Metal 2000 and classic TV shows like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and the Fantastic Four.

A bullpen of industry vets and young guns will assist with your character design work featuring new talents like Pablo Peruzzi and Ray Briane Andan.

Featured Artists

  • Larry Stroman (X-Factor/Alien Legion/Tribe)
  • Gerardo Sandoval (New Avengers/Spawn/Venom)
  • Eric Battle (Batman/Godzilla/Spider-Man)
  • Kim Jacinto (Venom/Thor/Inhumans)
  • Ray Bermudez (Action Comics/Justice league 3000/Infinity Man)
  • Luis Guerrero (Spider-Man)
  • Kyle Ritter (Batgirl/Aquaman/Arrow)
  • Ace Continuado (Dark Horse Comics)
  • Rock Upchurch (Image Comics)
  • Jacob Elijah Hallinen (Image Comics)
  • Derek Dow (Zenescope Entertainment)
  • Fred C. Stresing (Boom!)
Have You Heard of These Inspiring Black Female Pilots Who Made History?

By Raymond Ayala

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