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National Nutrition Month Is This Month – Get Involved!

National Nutrition Month Is This Month – Get Involved!


According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, March is National Nutrition Month. It’s the time where we can all take a look at the things that we eat and how those choices have an impact on us and our bodies. All bodies are beautiful, but healthy bodies go further.

The National Nutrition Month is an annual thing and serves as an education and information campaign. It started in the seventies as a week long event, but it’s really grown. Not everyone is privileged enough to learn about making the correct food choices to sustain ourselves, and so this is a really good time to bring yourself up to scratch. So, how can you get involved?

Know The Theme

This year the theme is “Go Further With Food” and the message has multiple meanings. It’s all about choosing the right foods to improve your performance and being the best person that you can be. As women, we know that we are amazing – eating right helps us show it to the world.

The theme also involves helping out those in need in the community as well as the environment. Food waste is a major deal, as are hungry people in our community. 

This year, National Nutrition Month is the gift that keeps on giving, because it can help us better ourselves, reduce food waste and ensure that others are able to keep their bodies healthy too.

So How Can YOU Go Further With Food?

Got yourself into some pretty sketchy eating habits? Now’s the time to change them. Sometimes all we need is a good breakfast to help us properly start off the day, and yet unfortunately more than half of Americans skip the so-called most important meal of the day at least once a week. If you opt to eat a balanced breakfast daily, you will see a difference. You’ll have more energy and you’ll really be able to focus and concentrate.

One of the other issues that people seem to have is being “too busy” to cook the right meals. Of course, a little bit of education in this respect goes a long way, which is what the campaign seeks to show people. It’s not actually that difficult to cook healthy meals, and when you know how to do this in an affordable way it’s even better. Cutting down on meat can also help – it’s good for the planet and can be good for you, too.

But obviously, many of us do have super busy lives. Takeout food isn’t actually anywhere near as scary an option these days for people on the go. has everything from pizza through to salads; things are very varied in this respect now. Skipping meals isn’t good for you, so when you’re in a hurry, you can choose something nutritional or a treat meal to suit you. Pizza may not be the healthiest, but if you’ve saving slices for the following day, you’re making your food go further in that respect!

How Can You Help Others – And Our Planet?

The theme isn’t just about helping yourself; it’s about helping others. You need to respect the fact that as a planet, we are wasting way too much food – in the USA alone, it’s estimated that 30-40% of everything we produce gets thrown away

By planning our meals so that we are more efficient, we will collectively waste less food. And, instead of wasting the food we do buy, we can consider donating leftovers to charitable organizations.

As far as nutrition goes, we shouldn’t just be thinking about these things this month. These are lessons we can arm ourselves with for life. 

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