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New ‘Bumblebee’ Featurette with Director Travis Knight

New ‘Bumblebee’ Featurette with Director Travis Knight

The most adorable and loved Transformer Bumblebee is now starring in his own film with a great director by his side.  Travis Knight, who has worked as a lead animator for the stop-motion animation studio Laika (Coraline and Paranorman) and as a director for films such as Kubo and the Two Strings is the director of the new film Bumblebee.

His background in animation has allowed him to direct from a unique perspective. Coming from the animation world, and having the ability to bring a drawing on a page to life seems to have contributed to his success as the director of this film. Bumblebee is an Autobot, but Knight helps make him feel alive, real and human-like. In the featurette, Knight says that one thing he loves about filmmaking is “storytelling and being able to share our experiences and stories with other people”. Although Bumblebee may not be human, he does go through emotions and feelings that humans do. He does have a story to tell and this film is about the beginnings of his story.

Bumblebee is a science fiction film centered around Bumblebee in his younger years. The film will take place in 1987 in California, 20 years before the events in the first Transformers film. It is a coming of age backstory about Bumblebee that will give us insight into where he came from. Viewers will be able to go back in time and see him in his original car form, a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and get to meet his first friend. The film let fans into the world of Bumblebee and provide an understanding of who BumbleBee is and what makes him so lovable and special to the Transformers franchise, and fans all around the world.

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BumbleBee will be released in theaters this Christmas on December 21st.

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