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Claire is Getting on My Nerves on ‘Outlander’

Claire is Getting on My Nerves on ‘Outlander’

Outlander, Starz

Outlander 3×02: Moving on Up

Previously on Outlander: Gingers, gingers everywhere

The theme of Outlander 3×02 is healing and moving forward. We see Claire trying to move forward with Frank and Jamie starts to heal by being intimate with another woman. We’re not sure how this will fare for them in the long run since the end of Season 2 shows Claire trying to make her way back to 18th century Scotland, but I’m here for what this season has to bring.

After getting fixed back up by Jenny, Jamie is living in a cave wallowing in his pain. He hunts and brings Jenny’s family food, but he won’t even talk to Jenny which is rude af. Her husband, Ian, was taken away by redcoats because of Jamie and he can’t even look her in the eye. It takes the redcoats almost finding him with Jenny’s hours-old baby and Fergus losing his left hand for Jamie to realize that he’s hurting his family more than helping. He decides to have Jenny turn him in so the family can get the reward money and while Ian mentions that they aren’t hanging Scottish men anymore, it’s still not going to be pretty for Jamie.

Before he gets hauled off, Jenny’s maid, Mary McNab, comes to Jamie’s cave to give him a haircut and shave. They also spend the night together to heal (wink wink nudge nudge) and not, as Mary puts it, to forget their past loves. This scene is interesting as we also see Claire try to use sex to heal with Frank, but as Mary wasn’t trying to replace Claire, Frank wants all of Claire’s love and affection. Like, Frank you’re my boy, but you’ve got to chill. Claire is trying and it may take some time for her, but she can get there if you stop pestering her.

So after Frank interrupts their sexy time to try and talk about his feelings, Claire puts an end to any more intimacy. They now sleep in two single beds and Claire has replaced her need for love with a career. That’s right, Claire is off to medical school.

Claire arrives for her first day of anatomy class and she meets her professor who of course is a misogynist and racist. Not only does he have to teach a yucky girl, but he’s also expected to teach a negro?!? Like what kind of liberal mess is this? Anyways it’s nice to finally see a person of color, but it sucks that it’s in a racist setting. I also hate that they have him not only sit next to Claire but also introduce himself to her. First off, sexism against white women and racism isn’t necessarily comparable, which is what they’re trying to do here. Second, no black man in his right mind would introduce himself to a white woman in front of a group of white men who already don’t want him there. Especially not in 1940s America. It’s just not realistic.

Overall, I enjoyed how this episode progressed Jamie’s mindset and his realization that he still has people in his time period that love and need him. Claire is doing her and while I’m proud of what she’s trying to accomplish, she needs to calm the frack down. For all intents and purposes, Frank is Brianna’s father and he’s doing his best.

Random Thoughts

  • Fergus! I’m so glad he’s safe and he’s gotten so big! My little French baby is growing up.
  • In 1949, Ireland becomes a “free nation” from British rule. How’s that working out?
  • Raven’s are good luck and amazing. People need to show them more respect. They visit their aging parents for goodness sake!
  • The Scottish corporal (he does not get a name) is trying too hard to show how not Scottish he is.
  • The Scottish Corporal is now on my shit list alongside Billy Bones. Best not catch him out on the streets after what he did to my baby Fergus.
  • Claire and Frank having separate single beds is killing me right now.

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Outlander 3×03: Claire is a hypocrite

Previously Jamie sacrifices himself for the family that’s still alive and Claire puts Frank in the friendzone.

Outlander 3×03 finishes the saga of Frank and Claire’s relationship — or lack thereof. We find out that Frank and Claire have an open “marriage” but Claire is a bit salty about it. She doesn’t want Frank, but she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. I’ll come back that later.

Outlander, Starz
(Lord John Grey and Jamie)

In 1755, at Ardsmuir Prison, a new colonel comes to town and it’s a familiar face, Lord John Grey. He’s the kid that Jamie let go in season 2 and his older brother sent Jamie back to Jenny to pay off their families debt. Jamie eventually recognizes Grey and they grow close over dinner and chess. The prison ends up closing and while the other men are taken to the colonies, Jamie is not released and is instead taken to Lord Dusaney at Hellwater who does not like Highlanders.

This episode was interesting as it showed the relationship between Grey and Jamie form as they began respecting and trusting each other. I really like Grey and I feel for him as it would’ve been difficult being a semi-openly gay man at this time and to lose the love of his life on the battlefield. The one good spot was that Murtagh is still alive! We’ve already lost too many men and to see him well (after being fixed up by Grey) makes me happy.

Okay. So I’ve put off talking about it for as long as I could, but I can’t take it anymore. Claire is getting on my damn nerves. I get it, she lost the love of her life, she’s stuck in another time period yadda yadda. That doesn’t mean she gets to treat Frank like crap and then get upset that he’s seeing other people. This bitch is pretending to be with Jamie when her and Frank have sex and she’s mad that he’s found somebody else? When she told him to? I’m just sayin that she has a lot of nerve. He loves her daughter as if she was his own, even though she’s the child of the man Claire can’t forget. It’s just upsetting. It also doesn’t help that when Frank is finally ready to move on and be happy after years of misery, he gets killed in a car crash. And then she’s like “you were my first love?!” It’s messed up man.

Random Thoughts

  • Frank making the love child of his wife a full English breakfast because he’s a good father.
  • Grey is trying to save the prisoners from rats? I don’t trust it and I’m onto you!
  • Claire waits for Frank and she’s all mad that he brought his chick home, but Claire took the damn car so the girl had to pick him up. It’s hard out here for a pimp. She’s just mad that she only has her hand to satisfy her.
  • Claire asks if Frank had sex in their bed and he says it’s too crowded in there. Get rekt Dr. Randall!!!
  • “The McKenzie is dead and that Ellen married a selkie from the sea.” I really need to know what this means.
  • I like Grey because he is so skeptical of everything. He’s like “Watercress cures scurvy? Sounds fake but okay.”
  • I was so worried about Murtagh’s cough, but he’s better!
  • Frank’s dead and Claire did him so dirty. He did nothing, but try and love her and she was just so mean.

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  • Read the books. There are eight so far, totaling almost 8000 pages. There’s a lot being out and it makes it difficult to make sense of the character’s actions. (After this last episode I may quit watching…its strayed badly.

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