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Queen Charlotte’s Top 5 Wigs of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

Queen Charlotte’s Top 5 Wigs of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

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When it comes to loving a character’s hair, one of the first that comes to mind is the perfectly coiffed queen of Bridgerton, Queen Charlotte. Black queens everywhere celebrate our hair. Whether straight, kinky, short, or long, our hair can be a big part of our identities and sometimes one of the ways in which we express ourselves. No one has embraced that more than Her Majesty the Queen as she reigns supreme over England’s fair subjects in this fantastical reimagining of the 18th century British monarchy and the Regency Era Ton. 

In an era where the joke “hard wig, soft life” has become the hashtag for Black women seeking the comfort a posh lifestyle affords, Queen Charlotte has indeed become statement hair goals. Not because we want to wear large wigs for which we need a neck brace (as Golda Rosheuvel has reportedly had to wear), but because her hair commands attention every time she’s on screen. Much like Issa Rae’s character on Insecure, we love the storylines but we also live just to see what the character will do next with her hair. Queen Charlotte quite literally makes us forget — or ignore — the reasons they really wore those wigs. Instead of protection from lice or hiding scalp ailments, her hair is the perfect compliment to her character’s elegance and grace.

So, for all the queens that love a good wig, this post is for you. As we impatiently wait for Netflix to drop the remaining episodes on June 13, let’s take a look at Queen Charlotte’s top five pouffes from the first half of Season 3. There were a total of eight wigs featured in the first four episodes, so hopefully your favorite made the cut. But, be careful…spoilers ahead!

#5: A Masterful Mashup

Early in Episode 3, Queen Charlotte has set her sights on Francesca Bridgerton and searches for a man she deems to be a suitable match. As she and Lady Danbury peruse potential suitors like they are shuffling through a deck of cards, we see her in a wig that is duplicitous as her reasons for being interested in making a match. The front of the wig is giving finger waves that would rival the style of a 1990s prom queen. The back is a heart-shaped Afro that has been carefully patted and sprayed with the finest of Afrosheens. Separating the two sections of the deep brown beauty, a festive jeweled floral arrangement that nicely embellishes the transition between textures. It is a beautiful marriage of styles only a queen could pull off.    

#4: The Bejeweled Blondie

This wig sitting pretty in the number four spot comes in Episode 1. We’ve been reintroduced to the two main families that will be the focus of the season, and we’re heading to the castle to bear witness to the first event of the season. Each of the young ladies and their mothers hope to leave a lasting impression on the Queen as they make their debut, and they are all vying for the coveted title of diamond. Queen Charlotte sits atop her throne adorned in a wig that matches all the pomp and circumstance of the affair and her dress. There are large diamonds and lace strategically and elegantly placed within the waves of coily tucked and pinned hair. It is a statement that says, “I’m here and I’m ready for whatever the season brings.” While the Queen is bored, her hair certainly is not.

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#3: All For Asymmetrical Allure

Near the beginning of Episode 4, Queen Charlotte is amused at the credit Whistledown is finally giving her and the strides she’s made. As she sits, perched and poised atop her settee, she reads the latest issue in a wig that’s just as complicated as the battle between these two formidable adversaries. A blonde bombshell of a wig, it has soft fingerwaves, pin curls, spiral curls, a jeweled barrette, and a bow made of hair. There’s a lot going on with this wig, but it all works together to deliver elegance to Her Majesty’s look for a day of ease in the castle. 

#2: Giving ‘Em Gele Glamour

Toward the end of Episode 1, Lady Whisteldown issues a challenge to the Queen. Whisteldown openly questions whether the Queen is simply being careful about selecting a diamond or if she’s afraid to choose one. After all, the last season was a bit of a disaster. You don’t challenge a woman wearing an Afro the size of Africa wrapped in a traditional Nigerian Gele. Whisteldown has declared war, and Queen Charlotte just might show her that she can rock rough and tough in her black Afropuff. All while remaining classy, of course. 

#1: A Savage Swan Song

In Episode 4, the Ton gathers at the palace for yet another ball. We’re at the height of wondering whether Francesca and Lord Stirling will figure things out; whether Lord Debling is good for Penelope; whether Lady Violet is about to get another chance at love; and whether Colin will man up and admit his feelings for Penelope. In the midst of all the drama, the entertainment for the evening is a lovely pair of dancers performing their interpretation of Swan Lake. As the camera pans to Queen Charlotte, we not only see a wig, we see a piece of moving art. The outside is the usual ornate blonde pouffe.There are some golden jeweled twigs affixed to the back and side, but the cavernous inside is where the magic lies. There is a crystal swan “swimming” on a lake with a serene backdrop that appears to be wallpapering the inside of the updo. This is by far the coup de gras of the four episodes, lending fashion, ingenuity, and flair to the final wig of the first half of the season. 

If what we’ve seen so far is any indication of what’s to come in the remainder of Season 3, we should hold onto our edges because they are poised to be snatched on June 13. Until then, we’ll just have to rewatch Season 3 and amuse ourselves with social media personalities, like TheOnlyNate, that imitate Queen Charlotte hairstyles and give us a good laugh in the process. 

Bridgerton Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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