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Self-Help TV Show Binge: 10 Shows to Uplift Your Mood When You’re Down

Self-Help TV Show Binge: 10 Shows to Uplift Your Mood When You’re Down

Life is hard, plain and simple. Yet, television is one of the greatest sources of relief when life feels unbearable. While it’s tempting to wrap yourself up in a blanket and find the darkest corner of your room to cry, a TV series might be a more positive alternative.

Try tuning into these 10 TV series to uplift your mood and bring a spark of joy into your life.

  1. Abbott Elementary

If you think your life is hard, try being an elementary school teacher. In Quinta Brunson’s series, you’ll witness an honest portrayal of the struggles of educating a class of 20+ students. So whether you’re a teacher or work in a similar field, you can take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

What makes this show so uplifting is the pure comedy and hope portrayed by the characters. The series displays a group of teachers who, amongst their personal and professional struggles, always support one another. At the end of each episode, no matter if kids were rioting or the ceiling was falling, the characters always walked out of school with their heads held high.

Catch this show on Hulu, Apple TV, and Prime Video. 

2. Raven’s Home

I’m a huge fan of the show That’s So Raven. This Disney Channel original stars Raven-Symoné, a teenage psychic who’s always getting into unheard-of schemes. No matter how unpredictable things became in Raven’s life, she’s always humble enough to admit her faults yet confident to persevere.

The continuation of the earlier show is Raven’s Home. It brings a unique family dynamic to the screen. It shows the diversity of what a family unit could look like. Sometimes a family is a single mom and her kids. Other times it’s two single moms parenting their kids together, and other times a family of two divorced parents agreeing to co-parent. 

The show balances supernatural, comedy, and real-life drama; catch it on Disney+. 

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the shows I’ve watched repeatedly, and I continue to laugh at least once every episode. 

With all the drama surrounding the police in the United States, it’s nice to see a heated topic displayed honestly yet humorously. The characters make audiences laugh with their antics and honest banter. In addition to their laughs, they remind us of the importance of friends and family. The squad is family, and they do whatever they can to protect their family.

Enjoy the non-stop laughs by streaming it on Hulu.  

4. Girlfriends

I grew up watching Girlfriends. It was a time before I could fully understand all the jokes and the sexual innuendo. Yet I remember going back to the show weekly because it felt like I was looking into the future. I loved watching four successful Black women who were adults but didn’t have everything figured out. The one thing they did know was that their friendship was always a priority. 

According to, the show teaches us the importance of following your dreams; whether you’re a single mom like Maya or working an unfilling job like Joan, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. 

Keep up with the girls by watching the series on Netflix.

5. The Good Place

The Good Place is a show that exemplifies turning a bad situation into a positive one. When the characters realize they are stuck in a perpetual hell, they try to improve their situation. You see tremendous character growth amongst all the characters, reminding you that your past mistakes don’t define you. 

You can enjoy this show by watching it on Hulu. 

6. Harlem

When watching Harlem, I sometimes can’t believe how much drama the characters create for themselves. Whether kissing a married man, getting set up by their parents, or having an estranged ex-husband return, these girls don’t have a dull bone in their bodies. 

Yet amongst the drama and fights, the four main characters are always there for one another. It’s a reminder of the power of friendship, and it’s okay to lean on your friends during hard times

To watch these wild adventures of four girls living in New York, catch the series on Amazon Prime.

7. Superstore

I always appreciate shows that take what may be a mundane aspect of life and turn it into pure comedy. I’ll admit that I didn’t think a show about an oversized grocery store would be entertaining. Yet the comedic script and the subtle romances have lifted my spirit on a bad day.

Superstore reminds you that life isn’t always fair and things don’t always go as planned. For instance, the main characters all started with hopes of completing college, yet they disappointingly ended up committing their time to working at a superstore. Through trial and error, they both pursued and achieved their dreams. It’s a great reminder that the journey to success isn’t always a smooth path, but you’ll never get to where you want to be if you give up.

You can binge this series on Hulu or Peacock Premium.

8. Living Single

Living Single is a binge-worthy show because it offers quality laughs and applicable life lessons. 

With a cast of all Black actors, each character brings a rich backstory to the TV screen. There are so many ways this show can uplift your spirits, but the biggest dopamine hit is delivered through the show’s representation. 

Queen Latifah plays one of the main characters. As Entertainment Weekly points out, although Queen Latifah is larger than the other characters, her identity isn’t tied to her body shape.

You see a thriving female business women live their best lives with a supportive group of friends — a great reminder that success is not dependent on how you look. 

Tune into this series on Hulu, Max, Prime Video or Apple TV. 

9. The Office

If the dry humor of The Office can’t cheer you up, nothing can. Since the series is filmed in the mundane setting of an office for a paper company, you become more drawn to the characters. 

The show’s actors play people who are obnoxious, silly, weird, kind, and self-absorbed. 

However, what’s most alluring about these characters is that they most likely mimic the behavior of someone in your life. Thus when you watch the show, you create a bond of understanding between you and the other characters. 

In addition to all the laughs from the running jokes, the show is also a great way to get your romance fixed. Maybe you’re getting over a breakup or hoping to find love; the show will uplift your spirits and make you believe in love. 

You can stream this show on Netflix, HBO Max, and Prime Video. 

10. Insecure

Last but not least is the one show every Black girl needs: Issa Rae’s Insecure. Everything about this show is entertaining and funny, as well as authentic and honest. 

TV shows are often used for escapism, a way to forget the troubles of your life and get lost in a fictional world. Insecure doesn’t offer that ticket out of reality. However, because Insecure is, as mentions, “an honest portrayal of adulthood,” it provides a sense of comfort for viewers.

The show does not shy away from the problems of real life. There are no magical TV solutions. You see characters struggle and work hard to overcome their struggles, which can be empowering and motivating. 

You can watch Insecure on HBO Max and Netflix.

You may wish that life happens in episodes, and in every new episode, things work out. Although real life isn’t television, TV shows can offer relief and encouragement when life becomes too intense. 

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