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Take Netflix On The Go This Holiday Season

Take Netflix On The Go This Holiday Season

Netflix for the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, we’re going to have multiple opportunities for travel and time away from our comfy TV setups. Thankfully, as you probably know, Netflix offers the option to download episodes. Stuck at a boring holiday party? You can sneak away, pull out your phone and (re)watch Stranger Things without worrying about your data. Long flight? Pre-download a few movies like Mudbound or Deidra and Laney Rob a Train or shows to keep you entertained.

In a new global study released just in time for the Thanksgiving travel rush, 22% of US participants say they experience some form of show shame while watching shows and movies in public and 44% have caught someone snooping on their screen. Why feel shame? Celebrate your awesome media choices. Black people clearly have no problem with this. 74% of Black people admit to laughing out loud when watching TV in public and 22% have admitted to even crying. Who knows, you may make a friend out of the neighbor who can’t look away from your screen or a new devotee to your favorite show.

In the year since Netflix introduced their download feature, users have been able to take their viewing habits wherever they go. This feature has saved more than a few flights for me. More and more, Netflixing in Public is becoming a social norm. Here a few highlights of where African American participants have been catching up on Greenleaf or Orange Is The New Black.

  • 48% watching in a cafe or restaurant
  • 37% while waiting in line
  • 31% confessed to watching at work
  • 26% at the gym
  • Even 9% confess to watching in public restrooms!
‘Fate’ Led Precious Mustapha to Acting

So take Netflix with you this holiday season. Besides, creeping out your relatives with the plots of every season of Black Mirror is better when you can queue it up instantly on your phone.

Check Netflix and click “Available For Download” to see a few of your favorite titles.

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