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‘The Flash’ has found its way back to our hearts, y’all!!

‘The Flash’ has found its way back to our hearts, y’all!!

So, the new extended trailer for the Season 4 premiere of The Flash dropped today and first off let me just say: jajdhidoetouteidohehhgheowdhafhdshdhahfdadffadfhdhfdhdahdfhroed!!!!!!!!

Now that my real-time response is over, let me be as dramatic as I am in my spirit, when I say that I feel like I have never been this excited for a TV trailer in my life! CW take all of my time and yes, I am picking up on the hint that you want me to quit my job and watch your shows. Noted and done. 

The first time I watched (yes, I have watched more than 5 times so keep judging me), I was in shock. Every time after, it has been to bleed out as many spoilers (love them) as humanly possible since the CW has yet to successfully bless me with screeners that I so humbly request every season (I am still available if you happen to be reading this, CW PR team).

Last season ended with an alive Iris West (Candice Patton) who ended up saving her man, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) from Savitar. Just when they thought their happy ending was right around the corner, Central City was almost ripped in half by the Speed Force Prison. Unable to maintain its balance due to a lack of a Speedster inside, the Speed Force came to gather Barry and take him right to the fate that he honestly deserved. Barry did not hesitate, because he already decided he had no other choice but to go, in order to truly rectify his actions from Flashpoint and in order to save Central City. Iris is not only heartbroken, but she is hurt that he did not consider or consult with her first. While I understand where Iris is coming from, there really was not enough time for Barry to go in-depth about his decision before the city perished.

I love #WestAllen. They are the only ship that I fangirl out over, and that is largely in part that we are finally seeing a black woman in a healthy relationship where she is desired, honored and valued in every way. The other part is that Candice and Grant shine in their on-screen chemistry and at the core of it, they show the depth and complexities of being best friends and lovers so effortlessly. I just need the writers to make sure that they only right angst that makes sense for these two.

The Season 4 trailer reveals that Barry is still trapped in the Speed Force and Iris is trying to be strong. She clearly misses Barry more than anything, he is her best friend and love of her life, but she is also trying to be realistic during this time in her life. Iris has thankfully taken up the helm as leader of #TeamFlash, finally gaining her own agency and command in her own right. We know the journalism arc isn’t one that we will soon see for Iris, but I want to be sure Iris is the leader is for longer than just one episode and we are going to get to see more of Candice’s talents. Iris needs to be more than just Barry’s wife. She needs to have her own life, dreams, goals and we should see her working towards those and shining as a vital part of the team and beyond. This trailer seems to touch on the start of all of this and more.

With Iris in charge, she and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) aren’t always seeing eye to eye and they clash about whether or not to bring Barry back. Cisco and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) cannot seem to catch a break or make the city as safe as it was when the Flash was on the streets. Ultimately, we hear Iris say she tried what she could, she tried to do what Barry asked of her, but she pleads for him to come back to her. Cisco figures out a way to get his friend back, but this is definitely not the Barry Allen anyone remembers. This Barry Allen looks older, confused, hardened and completely transformed by his time in the Speed Force. Only time will tell just how much 6 months in the Speed Force refined him, but all I can say is I cannot wait!

This trailer, at least for me, managed to make up for an underwhelming Season 3. I mean that in all honesty and as truly someone who even in the shadow of those missteps, is still a die-hard fan. I watched this trailer and instantly knew that I will feel the same type of love I did for this show Seasons 1 & 2.

I cannot wait to dive in more, so if you happen to be in Salt Lake City this Thursday, come to my panel on this very topic and all of #DCTV this 2017-18 season at Salt Lake City Comic Con (#SLCC17). If you are not in SLC, then just in general, you need to check out this visually stunning trailer with a great score, and also hit me up if you want to have a NYC premiere viewing party on October 10th!

Kay-B is an avid TV and film watcher. Lover of all travel. Can be found converting new Flash, Riverdale and Queen Sugar fans. Twitter and IG: @Ladykayb21

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