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What Happened to Faith Lehane after the Buffy Series Ended?

What Happened to Faith Lehane after the Buffy Series Ended?

Buffy is widely recognized as the most iconic vampire/werewolf/demon Slayer in popular culture. However, there was another Slayer within Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s seven-season run whose dark nature sparked discussions of a potential spinoff series. Portrayed by Eliza Dushku, Faith Lehane is a character born out of misery and self-reliance. She stood as Buffy’s polar opposite, making a significant impact during the beloved show’s run. And just like Buffy’s, Faith’s story continued after the TV show had concluded, moving into Dark Horse’s comic book adaptation.

Faith first appeared in the series’ third season as somewhat of a tragic antagonist. She was introduced as the new Slayer who, much like Buffy, was called to take on the responsibility of banishing the forces of evil. But she was portrayed with a more carefree and rebellious attitude, which contrasted with Buffy’s more disciplined and cautious approach to the monster slaying. Where Buffy saw killing as a necessary evil, Faith initially enjoyed it, and her moral struggles and willingness to cross the lines Buffy wouldn’t ultimately lead her down a darker path.

And even though she’s friends with Buffy in Season 3, she ends up betraying both the eponymous Slayer and her friends, siding with the villainous Mayor Wilkins, whom she saw as a father figure. Faith made one significant appearance in Season 4, after which she was imprisoned, and wouldn’t appear in the series again until Season 7. However, she did receive a redemptive arc in Angel, a Buffyverse spinoff series. She first appeared in Angel Season 4 — which coincided with Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer — where we saw her deal with the guilt and the consequences of her past actions.

Season 4 of Angel was a significant turning point for Faith, as she started to understand the potential for personal growth and change, gradually developing a more profound understanding of her role as a Slayer. This paved the way for her reintegration into the main series, in which she helped Buffy defeat the First Evil in Season 7. So, her storylines and character development on Angel actually complimented the events happening in the seventh season of Buffy. However, she continued to make an appearance in Angel‘s Season 5, even after the main series had ended.

The Buffyverse didn’t end with the conclusion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sure, the series didn’t broadcast anymore, but the narrative was continued in the Dark Horse comic series. In the comics, Faith’s development continued past that of a secondary character, or even an anti-hero, and into that of a full-blown hero in her own right. The comics saw her take on a leadership role by working with both Giles and Buffy to train new Slayers since her unique experiences — particularly her past mistakes — made her an excellent mentor who was capable of guiding new Slayers through various challenges they might face.  

However, not everything was rosy for Faith either; throughout the comic series — which narratively covers Season 8 through Season 12 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer — Faith often struggled with feelings of inadequacy and guilt over her past actions, especially the events of Season 3. Yet, she continuously strove to make amends and be a better person, demonstrating surprising levels of resilience and determination given her outwardly tough or harsh exterior. Her love for being a Slayer faded over the years, though she did take contractual jobs from Giles, especially assassinations of rogue Slayers that were a potential threat to Buffy.

Faith was given a prominent spot in the comic series’ narrative, and her journey took her all around the world. She went on innumerable missions with Giles and Robin Woods — someone she actually seemed fond of — most of which revolved around dealing with rogue Slayers or helping them on their own paths to redemption. So, it’s safe to say that her journey and quest for redemption didn’t end with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. Instead, she continued to grow, change, and make amends for her past.

Faith’s metamorphosis from a reckless and self-centered young Slayer to a mature and responsible leader is one of the most compelling arcs in Buffyverse. Despite her traumatic upbringing and the personal demons and consequences she faced, Faith proved that it’s possible to overcome adversity and make a positive difference in the world. Her journey to redemption serves as a reminder that even the darkest of paths can potentially lead to growth and eventual salvation.

Despite the lack of Faith-centered series — and the fandom has been clamoring for one — Faith Lehane’s made a lasting impact on the Buffyverse. Her character continues to resonate with the fandom thanks to the captivating blend of strength, vulnerability, and the enduring quest for redemption. And though she might’ve started as a character defined by what she could take, Faith ultimately became a character defined by what she could give — guidance, wisdom, and a second chance, not just for others but for herself as well.

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