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5 Times Storm’s Dating Life Looked Like a Bad Weather Forecast

5 Times Storm’s Dating Life Looked Like a Bad Weather Forecast

Despite being one of the most powerful X-Men, Storm, the omega-level mutant and the tempestuous Queen of Wakanda, is among the most successful superheroes in comic book history. But she’s more than just a powerful superhero: she’s also a fashion icon among the X-Men, the wielder of Stormcaster, the Goddess of Thunder, and perhaps one of the most emotionally grounded X-Men — unlike a certain pointy-haired someone who falls into fits of unspeakable rage.

Yet, even superheroes fear powerful women, which is why Storm ends up back on Tinder more times than she deserves. The stormy seas of her romantic encounters often mirror her weather-wielding powers, fluctuating between calm, sunny days and cataclysmic weather, with plenty of thunderstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes in-between. Out of all of Storm’s relationships in the comics, the following ones gave everything but fair weather vibes.


Quicksilver and Storm have been teammates and one-time members of the Brotherhood ever since they were conceptualized as comic book characters, and their interactions in the main continuity have mostly been platonic. However, in an alternate storyline, the Age of Apocalypse, Quicksilver and Storm had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair, one whose fleeting nature could even give Quicksilver himself a run for his money.

In this continuity, Apocalypse pretty much destroyed the X-Men and took over the world. As a result of the messy world they were plunged into, Quicksilver is a much more somber and grounded version of his more mercurial self, and Storm is a bit more vulnerable due to the massive losses she suffered. Unfortunately, their romance was destined for ruin; while the mutual respect and understanding between both powerhouse mutants grew into something more, the romance could not quite find its footing. In a scenario that Romeo and Juliet could appreciate, the duo did perish in battle together while trying to restore world peace.

Victor Von Doom

Who would’ve thought that Storm and Victor Von Doom, two characters with opposing moral compasses, would find themselves in a romantic…entanglement? Yet, this is exactly what happened in Black Panther Vol. 4 #21-25. Doom, a character well-known for his over-the-top plans for power acquisition, manipulated Storm’s affections as part of his political schemes by presenting himself as an ally to the mutant cause.

Though this drew Storm into Doom’s ambitious plans and manipulations, his plans were eventually revealed. This led to a bitter and heart-breaking conflict, and their romance ended as violently as a cyclone’s destruction leaving a trail of emotional wreckage in its wake.


Believe it or not, but the Queen of Wakanda nearly became the Queen of Wallachia when she caught the eye of the king of vampires, Dracula himself. In an attempt to make her his undead bride in Uncanny X-Men #159, Dracula bites Storm, forcing the X-Men to battle the lord of vampires in order to save their friend. In fact, this happened several times until Dracula was vanquished by his archnemesis Lilith, who possessed the body of teenage member Kitty Pryde, aka Shadowcat.


Storm × Wolverine is one of the most shocking romantic pairings ever seen in the X-Men comics. The first hints of their romantic relationship took root in Uncanny X-Men #172-173, and though the romantic undertones spanned several issues, the full extent of their relationship wasn’t explored until Wolverine and the X-Men #24. Even further, their romance wasn’t isolated to several comic book issues either; it was also briefly alluded to in the X-Men movies as well.

Narratively, this happened after T’Challa personally annulled his marriage to Storm, after which Wolverine helped Storm cope with her newly divorced status. This revealed that the two had an on-again/off-again relationship behind the scenes whenever they were both single. However, their relationship ended for good later in the comics, and both Storm and Wolverine decided to remain friends and teammates.

Black Panther

We already covered this relationship in our previous article about Storm’s marriage to T’Challa, but this relationship is perhaps the best-known to comic book connoisseurs. T’Challa and Storm were childhood friends; the two met when Storm saved young T’Challa from kidnappers.

They reunited later as members of different teams, with T’Challa joining the Avengers and Storm joining the X-Men. The two married during the Civil War Cease-Fire Event, with most of the respective superhero community and even some notable villains showing up to help commemorate their nuptials. Unfortunately, following the events of War for Wakanda, the X-Men sided with Namor and the Avengers sided with T’Challa, who blamed his wife for siding with the X-Men. As a result, he annulled their marriage, and the couple divorced.

Honorary Mention: Forge

Forge is probably best known as Storm’s love interest for the better part of the ’80s and ’90 X-Men comics run. He’s a veteran to the X-Men team with a mutant ability to intuitively understand, create, and master complex machinery. Their romance had a really rough start since Forge accidentally hit her with a ray that briefly neutralized her mutant powers, and her wrath was very warranted.

They eventually found love for each other after they were trapped in an alternate dimension for over a year. Upon their return back to Earth-616, Forge proposed to Storm but retracted the offer when she wouldn’t leave the X-Men for him. He moved on and briefly dated Mystique after that, but she only used him to gain access to sensitive information.


Storm’s love life, in all of its turbulent glory, matches the tempestuous nature of the weather-events she wields. Still, she navigates the storms that are her love life, embodying the grace and strength we came to love in her. So, we can say with a degree of certainty that Ororo Munroe won’t shy away from turning her sails directly into the winds of romantic change and growth. To put it simply, even the most powerful of weather witches need love too.

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