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BGN News Beat: The Week’s Biggest Headlines

BGN News Beat: The Week’s Biggest Headlines

BGN News Beat

What’s going on in the TV world?

According to Deadline, Showtime recently landed a comedy written by and starring Jessica Williams. Jim Strouse will also serve as a writer and executive producer on the show. The duo both worked on The Incredible Jessica James. You can read our review of it here. In the series, Williams plays an aspiring science fiction writer in Brooklyn.

DC Comics

In 2015 HBO announced that they would be adapting Watchmen, the graphic novel by Alan Moore. Zack Snyder directed the 2009 film adaptation of the work and was briefly attached to HBO’s adaptation. Now Lost‘s Damon Lindelof is working on the series. HBO has not only ordered it to pilot, they have also ordered scripts for additional episodes.

Proving once again he has his finger on the pulse of what people need to see, Jordan Peele is developing a drama series for Sonar Entertainment called The Hunt. He will serve as executive producer while David Weil will write the series. The Hunt follows a “diverse group of Nazi hunters who set out to track and kill hundreds of Nazis who escaped prosecution and integrated themselves into American society.”

Erica Shelton Kodish, who succeeded Mara Brock Akil as producer/showrunner of Being Mary Jane for the past season of the show, signed a multi-year deal with CBS TV Studios. This will mark her return the network after co-executive producing The Good Wife. She will be able to develop shows for broadcast, cable and streaming services under the new deal. With Star Trek: Discovery stuck behind a paywall, let’s hope this will bring some much-needed diversity to the network.

Archie Horror

Riverdale is expanding their universe. The CW and Warner Bros. TV are adapting Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a spin-off. If you’re expecting an updated version of the cute and quirky Melissa Joan Hart show, think again. The series will be based on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a comic series released under Archie Comics horror imprint. It’s a much darker take on Sabrina, a lot closer to Supernatural and Buffy than the humorous live adaptation. According to Variety, Sabrina wrestles to “reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.”

The trailer for season 4 of Voltron Legendary Defender is out. Though I’m still thinking of it more as the second half of season 3, it still looks interesting. Season 4 will debut on Netflix on Friday, October 13th with 6 new episodes.

The Cast of 'Willow' Discuss the Fight Between Good and Evil

Finally, check out the first photo of David Tennant and Michael Sheen in costume for Good Omens.

In Movie News…

The Terminator franchise started out strongly and built on that foundation to create an even better sequel. Since then mostly fair or forgettable titles have been added to the franchise culminating in the last installment, Terminator Genisys in 2015. Now a 6th installment is in the works. James Cameron will produce with Deadpool’s Tim Miller as the director. That alone gives me hope that this movie will live up to the first two. Then a surprise casting announcement was dropped. After 25 years, Linda Hamilton will be making her return to the franchise. She will team back up with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whatever happens, it can’t be as bad as Genisys.

An American remake of Katsuhiro Otomo‘s legendary 1988 anime Akira, has been in and out of production for years. Earlier this year, Jordan Peele was in talks to direct the Warner Bros. film. Leonardo DiCaprio was named as a producer with a script written by Marco J. Ramirez, best known for Daredevil season 2. That fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether or not you feel this remake is a good idea, fell through. Now Taika Waititi, director of the soon to be released Thor: Ragnarok, is in talks to direct it. You can read Valerie Complex’s take on this news here.

Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS 2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Kimberly Elise is joining the cast of Ad Astra. Directed by James Grey and co-written by Grey and Ethan Gross, the movie follows an autistic space engineer played by Brad Pitt who travels through space to find out the fate of his father’s failed mission to Neptune. Rounding out the cast are Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland and Tommy Lee Jones. The movie is being produced by New Regency and Pitt’s Plan B company.

Have you seen the new trailer for Tomb Raider? What do you think of it? Check out our post on it here.

If you have anything I missed, email me at or tweet me at jane@anon. Check back in next Monday for all the exciting news happening next week.

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