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Have You Heard of the Black Girl Nerds Community Page?

Have You Heard of the Black Girl Nerds Community Page?

As human beings, we’re all wired for connection. And as we evolve in the digital age, poses more challenges to connect with others online in a safe way.  It’s quite rare to engage in a social media platform without trolls or distractions from unwanted user feedback. It’s time to take back control of how will build rapport with others online and find a home to affect change in a positive way.

The BGN team has created a community page to allow for more direct communication and use web forums again as a tool to share information with others.

The BGN community page is still rather new, we welcome all new users to share any ideas by creating new topics on ways we can build each other up and network in a productive way. Don’t be shy! Let us know who you are when you sign up — and tell us why you’re here!

Book clubs, job opportunities, networking contacts, special events and more will be posted on the forum.  If you’re interested head on over to!

We’re celebrating Christmas with a beautiful snowy theme so come and join us along with a hot cup of cocoa while we chat about the holidays and new plans for 2019!

Sign up today to be a member of the new community page!


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