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Just How Smart is Cyborg in the DCEU?

Just How Smart is Cyborg in the DCEU?

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Ever since Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, was introduced in the 1980s, he became one of the most beloved superhero characters in the DC Comics Universe. The sheer amount of love and interest the character has garnered over the years has seen him take center stage in comic books such as Teen Titans and Justice League, and most recently, the character has made his first live-action movie debut in 2017’s Justice League film.

Considering that he officially became part of the DCEU at the apex of a generation seemingly obsessed with the newest iPhones and tech gadgetry, it’s easy to see why interest in the character has skyrocketed again. The character’s defining trait of being a nexus point of the internet makes him akin to a living, breathing, thinking Google incarnate — with some added alien artifacts. In this piece, we’ll dive into Cyborg’s intellect and see just how smart Victor Stone is in the DCEU.

But first, some character background. Victor, portrayed by Ray Fisher in the DCEU, was of above-average intelligence even before he merged with the Motherbox and became Cyborg. Victor is the son of a pair of scientists, Silas and Elinore Stone, who used their child as a test subject for various intelligence enhancement projects. The experiments were effective and resulted in Victor having an IQ of 170, which means he was exceptionally gifted, at a very young age. For comparison, most humans range anywhere between 85 and 115.

Regardless, he came to resent his parents because of the treatments they’d subjected him to — his father in particular, for trying to control him. Due to his resentment toward his parents, Victor would rebel against them by getting involved in street gang fights and various other incidents but also refused to take his life down a path of crime, preferring to use sports as his outlet. Well, all of that changed when Victor had an accident that was supposed to kill him.

The DCEU origin story of the character doesn’t mention the accident that cost Victor his life, only that his father used the Mother box, along with his extensive knowledge of nanotechnology and cybernetics, to rearrange matter and give Victor another chance at life. The Motherbox reconstructed Victor’s body into a Cyborg, who is now part human, and part machine — though more akin to an alien quantum supercomputer.

The comics paint a slightly different picture. In the New Earth Universe, Vic was mutilated by the interdimensional traveling monster that also killed his mother when an experiment at S.T.A.R. labs went wrong. The comics don’t state how, but Silas equipped Vic with an experimental prosthesis of his design. In Prime Earth Universe, Victor was in high school when he was injured during Darkseid’s invasion of Earth, and Silas used the energies of a father box and nanites to restore him.

For this discussion, we’ll stick to the DCEU origin story, which also coincides with the New 52 narrative, in which Victor essentially becomes a human-shaped Motherbox. The Motherbox reconstructed a bigger portion of his body with cybernetic enhancements, granting him the ability to interface with any computer and allowing him access to the infinite knowledge contained on our world wide web. But just having information on the tips of your fingertips, or bytes, doesn’t make one smart. So where does that leave Cyborg?

Well, we have to assume that the Motherbox also reconstructed some of his organs, and paired with computer interfacing, we have to assume that Cyborg can process information faster and more efficiently than a regular human. Most real-life scientists now agree that most CPUs are far more effective thinking machines compared to the human brain in terms of operations per second they can perform.

This grants him the ability to run experimental simulations and calculations in the back of his head and come up with the conclusion that might take the scientific or a brilliant think tank decades to uncover.

Not only that, but since he’s the Motherbox given human form, Cyborg also has the collective knowledge of the New Gods from the DC Extended Universe. His ability to acquire knowledge and skills to apply them is a real sign of intelligence. Let’s say that the members of the Justice League had one hour to learn quantum mechanics. So, that’s sixty minutes to read, process, and reformulate information in a manner that would apply to real life, or life or death in most JL cases, situations.

This is where Cyborg truly shines. He can download all the human knowledge of quantum physics, configure it into data stream packets, and upload it into his brain’s limbic system. The data would then be scanned by his supercomputer-like brain, encoded, and uploaded to his memory. This makes Victor Stone/Cyborg the smartest guy in the room, possibly the planet. The only competition he could have is Superman, whose synaptic nervous system, interpretation, and interactive reasoning would have to work faster than his muscle reaction.

But seeing how Superman isn’t interested in mathlethicism, that leaves Cyborg as number one in the brains department. Sadly, his IQ was never measured after resurrecting, so the exact metrics remain unknown. But its entirely possible that his IQ measures somewhere in the range of 1100100000000 — pun fully intended.

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