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‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 5: “What If… The Zombies!?” — RECAP

‘What If’ Season 1 Episode 5: “What If… The Zombies!?” — RECAP

Bruce Banner arrives on Earth to warn people about Thanos but finds the place deserted. Thanos’s henchmen arrive, too, but they are ambushed by Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Wong. Bruce notices that they are fighting a little differently. The group turns toward Bruce and goes after him. Luckily for him, Dr. Strange’s cloak helps keep the zombies at bay right up until the Wasp, a.k.a. Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), and her ants take out the zombies, then Spiderman whisks him away. 

The Watcher explains that two weeks ago Dr. Pym was in the quantum realm searching for his wife, but in this universe, she contracted a virus that turned her into a zombie. Hope’s family reunion doesn’t turn out the way she had wanted. Instead, her parents pounce toward her and Scott Lang. Scott wasn’t quick enough. Within 24 hours, the whole Pacific West Coast was infected. It looked like the Avenger’s heroism is what sealed humanity’s fate. Upon arrival, they had no chance against the zombies — especially the Antman-sized ones. Once the Avengers were infected, there was no hope, unless you knew the rules.

Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spiderman, shows Bruce a video he made with the assistance of Kurt (David Dastmalchian) and the unwillingness of Happy (Jon Favreau), Bucky, and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). Bruce meets Okoye (Danai Gurira), who is there to find the Black Panther, a.k.a. T’Challa, who went missing with the Avengers weeks before. For the first time since the outbreak, they have some hope. Supposedly another survivor camp, in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s base, states they have a cure for the virus. 

The team drives to Grand Central Station where Okoye has them split up despite Peter’s warning. One team will hot-wire a train while the rest guard the perimeter. While on the perimeter, Happy and Sharon are attacked by Hawkeye. Falcon swoops in on Okoye and Bucky. Happy is turned into a zombie while Sharon is pinned to the wall by an arrow. Sharon takes out Happy, and Okoye slices Falcon. The team on the train struggle with getting the train to move. Peter uses his strength to give it a pull, but they are bombarded by zombies as well. Hope goes on the offensive to keep them at bay and Peter is assisted by the magic cape and is flown into the train while the rest of the team gets on board. Okoye apologizes to Peter for having them split up.

While on the train, Sharon is attacked by Captain America, and Bucky hears her screams. The two engage in a fight ending with Captain America sliced in half by his own shield. Zombie Sharon wanted in on the fight, too, but was pushed to the side. When Hope arrives, she enters into Zombie Sharon and multiplies in size, resulting in her covered in Sharon goo. However, she doesn’t come out without a scratch. 

As Hope’s health quickly deteriorates, the team decides not to kill her and keeps the faith that they will be arriving at the base camp soon. Kurt breaks the news that the train has run out of fuel, and they have to walk through the mass amount of zombies outside. Hope wants to be the one to get them there, stating it is her fault for being obsessed with bringing her mother back and for never considering what her mother would bring back. A gargantuan Hope carries the rest of the team to the camp successfully but succumbs to the zombies. 

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Bucky realizes that the zombies aren’t scaling the fence; they don’t need to because the fence is open, yet they’re not stepping in. At the camp, the team is surprised to see Vision, who informs them that the mind stone is emitting a subfrequency that the zombies don’t like. He experimented on a target to test his theory. Enter the head of Scott Lang, a.k.a. Antman, head. The team needs a satellite to be able to transmit the cure, but the best place for this technology is in Wakanda. Bucky decides to search for transportation and doesn’t hear Vision’s warning. Bruce notices that they aren’t the only ones who came to the base.

While searching, Bucky is surprised to find Wanda behind a glass cage and an injured T’Challa on a slate. The team is upset to find out that Vision took T’Challa to feed Wanda. Her powers were too strong for him to cure her, and he couldn’t eliminate her. He lured innocent people to the camp to feed her. Their moment is disrupted by a hungry Wanda who hasn’t eaten in days. 

Zombie Wanda is not one to be dealt with. Bruce asks Vision to help them get out. Vision is able to escort them out and seals Wanda into the building for the moment. Okoye is taken by Wanda, though. Vision points out where there is the nearest transport, then he takes out the mind stone from his head. The zombies move in on the camp. Wanda comes out of the building and notices that Vision is gone. She takes out Bucky and attempts to attack Bruce, but Hulk saves him. 

T’Challa struggles to start up the flighter. Bruce tells them that he may be able to give them time, but Peter admits that he doesn’t think he can lose another friend. Bruce hands him the mind stone and tells Peter to avenge them. Bruce runs out to the zombies while pleading to Hulk to come in for the save for once. Hulk comes in for the clutch. Peter, T’Challa, and Scott are able to get out, even struggling against Zombie Hope, but they get out.

Peter wakes up to find out that they’re 20 minutes away from their destination. He feels bad for losing the Avengers. T’Challa informs Peter that in his culture, death is not the end; they’re still with us, as long as we don’t forget them. The three are hopeful that once they get to Wakanda, they can save the world. 

Within the forcefield of Wakanda, Zombie Thanos is waiting with the infinity gauntlet in his hand and surrounded by zombies. Damn. 

Just when I was hoping for a happy ending for once! These multiverses suck! I will admit that this episode was just a bit more light-hearted due to the great one-liners and Peter’s optimism and ability to have fun within the zombie apocalypse. I died when Okoye said they don’t have a need for horror movies when they can watch American reality TV shows! However, it turned dark fast when we got to Vision. He must love Wanda to kill for her. It was nice to see and hear T’Challa again. I just find it soothing. Took me until Kurt’s death to realize that he was in Antman as one of his friends.

I didn’t think these multiverses were going to be so dark. I’m glad we are living in the current universe.

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