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5 Best Shops for Otaku Gifts

5 Best Shops for Otaku Gifts

If you’re an anime fan or have one on your shopping list, you’ll want to bookmark the five shops on this list. These five brands are full of anime-themed gifts extending beyond graphic tees and manga box sets. Companies like Etsy and BoxLunch offer inventive gift ideas that speak to the heart of anime fans. We’re not just talking Funko Pops. These five stores are packed with rare finds that’ll make your favorite otaku scream, “shut up and take my money!” 

BoxLunch: The Target of Pop Culture Fandom 


Straight out of your anime-obsessed dreams comes a retail brand designed for anyone looking for gifts suitable for the whole family. BoxLunch is a retail brand dedicated to pop culture fandom. Think: Target, except instead of Martha Stewart, the aisles are filled with Demon Slayer and Sailor Moon. With BoxLunch, shoppers can access thoughtful gift ideas designed to meet the needs of virtually every anime lover. Browse through exclusive collectibles, accessories, and rare finds in cookware, home decor, and beauty.

Make it a kawaii-themed Christmas with Pokemon ornaments. Hook your bestie up with glittery Hello Kitty wine glasses, or bless your daughter with a Hello Kitty-themed makeup palette. Gift your nephew a Naruto-themed ramen bowl so he can slurp noodles like his favorite Shonen hero.

With over 5,000 anime-related gifts, the opportunities are endless. Visit the official site or stop by one of their stores; there are over 180 around the US.

Etsy Has Exclusive Made to Order Creations


If you’re looking for personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts, consider doing your Christmas shopping on Etsy. It’s a one-stop shop for all kinds of high-quality custom creations. Etsy hosts a variety of online shops from crafters, artists, and designers worldwide who specialize in everything from party supplies to custom clothing. 

Each shop offers a unique experience with its own pricing, criteria, and shipping duration. You can even reach out to sellers via chat for answers to questions and concerns about your order. 

Just searching “anime” on Etsy will generate over 900,000 search results, giving you plenty of unique gifts to choose from. MoonStarCa has colorfully dressed candles inspired by anime like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia. Aishify will hook you up with custom fragrances inspired by the scent of your favorite anime characters. TopBlade creates life-size weapon replicas to help you elevate your favorite cosplays. 

Etsy is for anyone looking for a gift that’s tailor-made personally for their favorite otaku. Not only are your premium gifts made to order, but you’ll also feel good knowing you supported a small business owner. 

Kinokuniya Is Your Plug for Rare Japanese Gems 


If you’re looking for gifts that can only be found overseas, Kinokuniya is the plug. They’re an international brand that sells books, toys, magazines, and stationery straight from Japan. The global brand originally started in Tokyo and has since expanded to over 100 locations, with 12 based in the US. 

At Kinokuniya, shoppers have their pick of the litter of all things toys, books, and stationery, including manga available in both Japanese and English. Treat yourself to an anime cookbook, and give your cuisine the iconic anime aesthetic. Gift your favorite weeb a movie guide or art book straight from the scenes of anime classics like Akira. Help a junior otaku draw anime like a pro with beginner-level guides and how-to books. 

Head to the site to find locations near you, or browse their US online store. In-person shoppers get the bonus of an in-store cafe, so you can enjoy sushi and tea while you browse.    

The Crunchyroll Store Has Licensed Products Straight From Your Favorite Streaming Service 


Every anime lover knows about Crunchyroll. They’ve been a trusted source for anime for almost two decades, giving fans access to thousands of titles and events since the early 2000s. 

In 2012, they launched the official Crunchyroll store, whose mission is to help fans live their “best anime life.” They’ve been staying true to that slogan ever since. 

The Crunchyroll Store offers officially licensed products for dozens of titles and is the official e-store for both Crunchyroll and Funimation. At The Crunchyroll Store, you’ll find over 2000 gift options for newer and older generations of anime. Treat a die-hard fan to a soundtrack on vinyl, including Evangelion Finally and the Josee, The Tiger and the Fish OST. Gift a friend a limited edition box set, like Black Clover’s season four DVD bundle, which comes with a 48-page art book. Buy your gift in advance with their pre-order option and secure popular figures, games, and decor before they sell out online. 

Head to The Crunchyroll Store if you’re looking for exclusive gifts from America’s favorite anime streaming service – including apparel collabs with your favorite pop stars.    

Weeb Stuff Is an Internationally Trusted Brand for All Kinds of Anime Lovers


If you’re looking for gifts exclusively for adults, Weeb Stuff is worth checking out. Their gifts are inclusive of all kinds of anime lifestyles, from kawaii and vaporwave to NSFW. Weeb Stuff is a trusted source for customers all over the world, with an inventory that reviewers insist can’t be found anywhere else. 

Build up your cosplay collection with their exclusive masks, props, and accessories. Elevate your home with adorable anime-themed towels, blankets, and pillows. Bring your favorite characters to life with replicas of their trademark accessories, like Deku’s diary and Inuyasha’s wolf tooth necklace.  

As if the extensive collection of anime-themed gifts wasn’t enough, the site also offers free shipping on all orders. Just mark sure you order your gift a few weeks in advance.  

Shops like Weeb Stuff and The Crunchyroll Store can help you put a smile on your favorite otaku’s face this Holiday season. With gifts available for the home, men, women, and children, you can get anime-themed gifts for just about anyone. Happy shopping!

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