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It’s All Coming to Light on ‘Teen Wolf’

It’s All Coming to Light on ‘Teen Wolf’

By Ashia Sims

The undercurrent of fear that has always existed in Beacon Hills has ramped up considerably in the second half of Teen Wolf‘s last season. Last week’s episode showed us that the non-supernatural citizens of Beacon Hills may be growing tired of being afraid and have decided to fight back.

In fact, this week’s episode shows us that Gerard is officially training the guidance counselor, Tamora, as they hunt Brett in the woods. This isn’t good for the wolf pack. Gerard has a deep hatred for werewolves and he’s a very skilled hunter. Now it looks like he’s recruiting fresh talent to help him get rid of them.

In the meantime, Scott, Liam, Malia and Brett’s sister, Lorilee, are also looking for Brett. They’re starting to realize that he’s being hunted by a hunter in training. It takes them a while to figure out that Gerard is the hunter doing the training. It’s interesting watching them get better at thinking strategically while continuing to make the mistakes that happen when they don’t. Their mistake of being slow to realize that they’re being lured into a trap ultimately leads to Brett and Lorilee being killed and Liam being exposed to the whole town as a supernatural creature.

While we didn’t get full confirmation in this episode, I think the faceless creature that managed to terrify Chris and Melissa in the morgue is a shape shifter. In fact, the kid from the lacrosse team, who was attacked by spiders a couple of episodes ago, is probably one. After the spiders swarmed his face, they found his mangled body in the locker room. Then they found him in one of the classrooms. Plus, he managed to convince Nolan to expose Corey as a supernatural being to all of the kids in the library. If he isn’t a shape shifter, he’s some kind of being that is definitely not Team Wolf Pack.

Do you see a theme?

This entire episode is about exposure. Two of the most fearless parents (Melissa and Chris) are exposed to something that terrifies them. Members of the wolf pack are exposed as supernatural beings. Malia and Scott’s feelings for each other are exposed.

All of this exposure won’t be good for Beacon Hills.

Ashia SimsAshia R. Sims is a Digital Strategist by trade, storyteller, and technology enthusiast by design. She combined her experience in television/film production, public relations and copywriting into a career in digital strategy/content marketing consulting. Now she spends her days consulting with clients on how to monetize their content and teaching digital marketing courses online and in person. She represents one of the early generations of kids to grow up sitting in front of a computer and enjoys tech talk about the newest smartphone, the coolest app, the latest in data analytics and other digital news.

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