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BGN Comic Review: Afar

BGN Comic Review: Afar


By: Britany Murphy

Inotu is the youngest of the pair, and while his parents are away, the adolescent gets into trouble which causes him and his sister to leave home, landing them in the desert.

Boetema now has the hard task of caring for herself and her brother, while struggling with her gift to visit far-off galaxies and planets, as well as encountering other life forms while she dreams.

It is in these moments where the duo shines, and the artwork by Kit Seaton captures it perfectly. The contrast of the desert and outer space draws your eye to every panel, and Leila De Luca’s dialogue allows the characters to shine. You instantly get a sense of who both Inotu and Boetema are, and I am sure that anyone with a sibling will easily be able to relate to the dynamic shared between the duo.

Del Duca and Seaton also bring imagination to life whenever possible, and as there is so much to see in the various new places Boetema goes, it’s a sensory feast and one of the things I enjoyed best about the book.

Afar is Del Duca’s debut for Image, and she certainly left her mark. With this joint venture alongside artist, Kit Seaton, being so great, I am hoping that the pair will work together again in the future.

There aren’t many comics out there that can meld different worlds so seamlessly. It’s visionary in what it does and if you have a few hours, you can most definitely read Afar in one sitting.

I enjoyed that this book was delivered as a graphic novel because I don’t think I could have done the wait time in between each comic – it was that intriguing.

Check out Afar on sale now at comic shops, bookstores and online. Be sure to grab a copy; it’s most definitely worth the read!

-Story by Leila del Duca (series artist and co-creator of SHUTTER)
-Art by Kit Seaton (The Black Bull of Norroway, Eve of All Saints) 
-Edited by Taneka Stotts (Passion Fruit)
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