What Steven Universe can Teach us about Queerness, Gender Identity, and Feminism

  By: Patricia Martin Steven Universe has changed my life. OK, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I’m confident in saying that if I had this show growing up, it definitely would have. Yes, it’s a cartoon created for kids, but it has a lot more heart than a lot of children’s shows, all while...

Get Out Op-Ed: “It’s Fine.”

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The Extroverted-Introvert Explained

By Tiffany Desiree Within the past few years, "introversion" is one of the most popular words to grace the internet. To some, it's a fad, but to others, it's our lifestyle. So much so, the thought of talking to someone for hours, seconds or even minutes about coffee, Kim Kardashian or recent brands is uninspiring....

Cosplay: Much More Than Playing Dress Up

Fan of cosplay? Learn how the amazing fan art and community is ore than just dressing up.

28 Days Of Black Cosplay Is Here!

    It's that time of year! We're kicking off #28DaysOfBlackCosplay and our first feature is with Chocolate Covered Cosplay (C3 for short). Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, C3 has been killing the cosplay game with equal parts sexy and kawaii. From cosplay calendars to convention panels these ladies are making their mark in the geek...

KPop Roundup

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Release Resolutions, Embrace Mindfulness

  By Kai Charles  Happy New Year! This is the month that many make plans for the new year. The day that leads to several months of crowded gyms, hundreds spent on protein powders and diet teas, and the word Resolution. Let’s take a look at the definition of Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to...

Words of Wisdom from Hidden Figures Author Margot Lee Shetterly

After sitting down for an interview and writing, "Hidden Figures: Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact" about best-selling author Margot Lee Shetterly I left inspired and excited, not just about Hidden Figures but about life. Here are few snippets from the interview that don't just quote the author but are excellent words of advice...

Pretty Poet INK Delivers Accessories For Your Inner Nerd

Find all your nerdy, fun, and fabulous jewelry accessories at Pretty Poet Ink, created by our own Black Girl Nerds member! Take a look!

Meet Fitness Guru and Personal Chef Candace Burney

  Candace has always believed that life is meant to be enjoyed in its simplest form and she uses each of her platforms as a TV Host, Writer, and Public Speaker to highlight engaging and attainable ways to stay healthy using everything around you. Her brand Living Simply was created to help women embrace the...