How ‘Saga’ Mirrors My Own Interracial Love Affair — BGN Opinion

Are you a fan of the 'Saga' interracial relationship? One 'Saga' fan and BGN contributor details how her own life mirrors the Image comic. Read on for more!

10 Anime Quotes to Motivate You — Even If You’re Not an Anime Fan

Looking for a motivational pick me up? Here are 10 anime motivational quotes to live by — even if you aren't a fan of anime!

I Am Not My Hair

Long before I was old enough to understand what she meant, I was jamming to India.Aire’s ‘I Am Not My Hair.” The song’s lyrics were completely lost on me— I had not yet come to understand the gravity of the pressures placed on my hair. But now that I’m an adult, I see that...

To Boldly Go: Travel Groups Done Affordably and Efficiently

If you’re like me, then you love to travel. You often think about sticking your feet in some warm sand while sipping on a margarita. You see yourself channeling your inner Daenerys Targaryen soaring over mountains on the back of a dragon. Only, in this case, it would be riding on the back of...

BGN Interview: CHULO Founder Ricardo Muñiz

The NYC based cultural clothing line CHULO invited Black Girl Nerds to their New York Fashion Week event 'A New Day'. One of the hottest underwear shows of the week doubled as charity fundraiser and raised over $2500 for community based organizations. I had the honor of sitting down with artist and founder Ricardo Muñiz to talk about the brand, the business,...

BGN Profile: Lauren Coaxum Shows Us How to “Give A Little TLC”

Lauren Coaxum, a 21-year-old medical student at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, is setting trends in digital citizenship! Natural flare, brains, and the boldness to stand up for others radiates from Coaxum as her efforts to promote positive self-esteem spread across this nation. She prides herself on being a family-oriented woman from Douglassville, PA....

Sonequa Martin-Green: What’s Her Fitness Secret?

Did you catch Star Trek: Discovery this past weekend? #BlackGirlMagic. Sonequa Martin-Green is back! We must be in for an action-packed ride, considering Sonequa’s past on the Walking Dead. As Sasha, we’ve seen her run through the woods, leap and jump, and fight off zombies in the midst of an apocalypse. And I’m sure...

BGN Presents: 15 Favorite Looks from AFROPUNK 2017

This past weekend was AFROPUNK, a celebration of Black excellence and, more importantly, the weekend where Black people pull all the fashion stunts. I've always viewed AFROPUNK looks as a cross between fashion and cosplay, and these festival-goers don't disappoint. Here are our favorite looks! These ladies are giving us afro-futuristic Powerpuff Girls ...

BGN Tech Talk: Kimmoy Matthews Chats Travel and Breaking Into Technical Writing

If you've wondered what "technical writing" is, Kimmoy Matthews tells BGN exactly what it is and how to break in.

BlackStar Film Festival QOTD

When you gather a bunch of artists together, you're bound to come across some pretty cool ensembles. The BSFF was no different. Check out what folks wore and what they had to say about BlackStar. Importance of the Festival "I'm so excited and happy to be around artists. It's everything that life is supposed to be,...

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