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Love, The Original Way’s Keldamuzik Is Lighting Up the Entertainment Scene

Love, The Original Way’s Keldamuzik Is Lighting Up the Entertainment Scene

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By: Angel Jeter

Bay Area actress, model, TV personality, and recording artist Keldamuzik has used her business savvy and determination to become KISS FM number #1 artist in Melbourne, Australia for 5 straight weeks! Now, Black Girl Nerds is asking this BGN how she keeps her name in the press while maintaining a positive, genuine and devoted attitude to her success.

Black Girl Nerds: Is Kelda your birth name or stage name? If stage name, how did it come about?  

Kelda: Kelda is actually my birth name 🙂 lol. It’s funny, every time I introduce myself to people, they’re like “Wow, what a unique name!” My stage name is Keldamuzik.

BGN: What inspired you to develop your own talent marketing company, Digz Media Group?

Kelda: I developed it based on how the industry changed. When I was promoting my music full time, it was hard to get a deal and to even come up with enough funds to work with other businesses, so creating my own made it easier. Plus, I get to help out others by making their dreams come to reality too.

BGN: Can you tell me more about your public speaking tours, ‘The Diva Project’ and ‘The Cultural Exchange’?

Kelda: ‘The Diva Project’ is now ‘The Diva Outreach,’ which is where I conduct public speaking to the youth. I’ve been to a few non-profit events such as Bread and Roses and even work under an organization called S.O.U.L.S. I would speak to the youth and even perform songs relating to their current situation. Overall, ‘The Diva Outreach’ has so much growing to do, and I plan to turn it into a non-profit org really soon!

‘The Cultural Exchange’ tour was a great project and I plan on revamping it. My crew and I would tour to different countries and not only perform music with their artists but collaborate on specific projects, interview small businesses, and pretty much learn what their lifestyle is like compared to ours.

BGN: Tell me more about your Diva fragrance and clothing line, when will it be out and what retailers will it be available to purchase at?

Kelda: Ah, that is still in the works. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to really pay much attention to that aspect of my brand yet due to my other projects in the works.

BGN: Which season and episode of Oxygen channel’s Bad Girls Club was your song featured on?

Kelda: Good question, ‘til this day I still don’t remember the name of the episode, but it was on there a few times as well as MTV’s Real World.

BGN: When creating your music, do you also envision the music video too?

Kelda: Yes! And my imagination runs wild too. I can already see colors of the video, characters, locations, everything. It’s like drawing a picture in my head. It’s funny because certain songs remind me of certain colors and I will run with that include it in the video somehow. I’m just weird, that’s all.

BGN: Where can we watch your Diva Talk Tonite show and how can artist submit to be on it? –  

Diva Talk Tonite can be seen on and our website is We just inked a distribution deal with a mobile distributor, so we will be broadcasting on your cell phones soon!

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BGN: What aspirations do you want audiences to take away when they watch your productions, Love, The Original Way, and the web series, Who’s Ride is it Anyway?

Kelda: I want them to see that anyone who puts their mind to something is able to do it. When I produce films, it’s for the art of filmmaking and for the love of acting. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid and have always kept myself active doing it.


BGN: How do you feel you represent the Bay Area?

Kelda: I don’t really think I represent the Bay Area like I use to, I just represent myself. When I was constantly recording as a music artist during the early 2000s, I was more into that labeling myself by my region. Now, I’m just like “Hey, it’s Keldamuzik”  and that’s it. However, if I did have to say how I represent the Bay Area, I’m definitely in the same lane as others when it comes to having multiple talents and using my local tech resources to promote my brand. I mean, the Bay is like the Hollywood of the tech world, take advantage of it.

BGN: What advice do you have for people who face challenges when following a dream that’s not stable versus sticking with a reality that is guaranteed?

Kelda: Always and I mean ALWAYS get your education first, even while working on your dream, there’s no reason to stop obtaining a degree from college. Some of us get lucky and end up getting a quick ride to success and don’t have to worry about education, but in reality that’s only “some” of us. You must know that you have to be responsible for your finances, health, and living situation so find a way to work it out by going to school, get a great paying job while trying to achieve your goal at the same time. You can do it, and no one can stop you. The last thing you want is to be waiting tables in some run-down Hollywood restaurant or bartending and depending on tips to feed yourself that night while struggling to achieve your dream. It’s really not worth it, your enjoyment of life comes first.

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