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Sezin Devi Koehler is a multiracial Sri Lankan/Lithuanian American, and author of upcoming 'Much Ado About Keanu: Toward a Critical Reeves Theory' (September 2024, Chicago Review Press). Her bylines also include Entertainment Weekly, Scalawag Magazine, Teen Vogue, Tasteful Rude, and many others. You can also find her on Twitter ranting about politics (@SezinKoehler), Instagramming her newest art creations and lowkey cosplays (@zuzudevikoehler), and microreviewing horror movies on Facebook (@SezinDeviKoehler).

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‘The Lost Boys’ through a ‘Dracula’ Lens Highlights the Film’s Queer Subtext On Its 35th Anniversary

The Lost Boys has long been recognized as an essential example of queer horror, but for anyone still on the fence here are some final nails in the coffin of the theory. 

‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ Honors its “Found Footage” Legacy on its 30th Anniversary

Francis Ford Coppolla’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula hit cinemas in 1992 and remains the most faithful adaptation of Stoker’s epistolary novel to this day.

Review: ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Continues Normalizing Male Full Frontal, While Exploring Sobriety’s Dark Side

“Between its difficult observations about sobriety’s dark side, Euphoria’s season 2 also dives headfirst into the more meta aspects of the show that involve using art as a vehicle to process and heal trauma.”

Review: ‘Yellowjackets’ Celebrates Three-Dimensional Women Characters as It Explores Their Extreme (Generational) Traumas

Yellowjackets might be one of the smaller winged creatures in the animal kingdom, but they…

‘Dexter: New Blood’: Highlights America’s Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, While Invoking Morbid Nostalgia and Unpacking Generational Trauma

**Warning: Spoilers Ahead** Hello, Dexter Morgan. Dexter has a contentious place in television history. On…

Review: ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Goes Through the Looking Glass Into a Metatextual, Queer, and Old School Love Story

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is both a trip down memory lane, as well as an entirely new take on the franchise.

‘Mare of Easttown’ Continues Media Obsession with Dead and Missing White Women (and Humanizing Bad Cops)

Is it a bird? A plane? Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic? No, it’s 16-year-old Erin…

Promising Young Woman
‘Promising Young Woman’: Not a Revenge Movie That Honors Sexual Assault Survivors

The rape revenge genre is one of the few places where a sexual assault survivor…

On Its 40th Birthday, ‘Friday the 13th’ Warns of the Dangers of Unresolved Trauma

In the movie that started the slasher horror craze of the 1980s, Friday the 13th…

I May Destroy You
Michaela Coel’s ‘I May Destroy You’ Establishes a New Paradigm for Social Justice Television (and Life)

As Michaela Coel developed her quasi-autobiographical I May Destroy You she wrote 191 drafts before…