Deal Me In, Teach: Fluxx – BGN Board Game Review

Interested in a new game this summer? Learn about the inventive and nerdy game Fluxx, right here on Black Girl Nerds!

EvilGeniuses’ NYChrisG’s Comments Show Misogynoir is Still Part of the Fighting Game Community

  Originally posted on FxJB:FoxyJazzabelle Last weekend, while watching "American Gods" and live-tweeting it with #BlerdTwitter, my partner linked me to a tweet containing screenshots of blatant racist and sexist comments about Black women gamers from EvilGeniuses sponsored fighting gamer ChrisG. Apparently, he was responding to another person in a Facebook comment thread who was commenting on...

Star Trek Redux: Terrorism on DS9

  By Ashley Stevens Past Prologue is the first episode, thus far, that made me feel a type of way. The story centers on Major Kira’s past and her association with known Bajoran terrorists. Kira finds herself in a moral quandary. Her friend, Tahna Los, seeks political asylum from Starfleet. He is part of the...

Check Out Pop Culture Quest with Mark Hamill on Comic-Con HQ’s Free Trial

  Pop Culture Quest is an unscripted reality series on Comic-Con HQ where legendary actor Mark Hamill is on a quest to meet other pop culture collectors--just like himself!--and to share their passion with the world!  No matter where his curiosity carries him, Mark never fails to discover a fascinating new collection with endless shelves...

Kpop Roundup — Part 2

Get your Kpop fix with the latest Kpop Roundup, here at Black Girl Nerds!

Nerd Confessional

By Karla Clark   When you proclaim that you’re a nerd of the female variety—especially a Black one—you typically aren’t welcomed with open arms. Instead, you find yourself on the receiving end of a pop quiz from some dude unwilling to share his precious, nerdy identity. The questions are often oddly specific but from fandoms with...

The #BGNPlaylist Continues To Grow Featuring Orlando Jones, Jean Grae and Marc Bernardin!

  Our next round of #BGNPlaylist guests features an actor, comic book writer, music supervisor, and rapper.  We're excited that the #BGNPlaylist has taken off and more guests have curated and shared their playlists with our fans and followers. Rapper Jean Grae dropped her playlist which included tunes from John Coltrane, Barbara Streisand, and Prince.  We're pretty...

BGN Op-Ed: How to be Pro-Black and Nerdy in 5 Easy Steps!

Want to know how to be pro-black and a nerd? Learn how to do so in these 5 easy steps on Black Girl Nerds!

Hold On To Your Tiara! Her Universe’s WW Line Is Here!

Written by: Kai Charles Ah! So I was so excited to see the sketches from the Her Universe Wonder Woman line at Wondercon in April, and now the line is here, and I’m OBSESSED. I’ve already ordered two (ok more like four), of the items and I’m budgeting for more. This line was created by the...

You Don’t Know Jack: Brief Reflections on Samurai Jack’s Final Season

  I’m not gonna lie; I was an extremely casual fan of Samurai Jack during its original run on Cartoon Network, to the point where I can barely even describe myself as a “fan” of the show like some of my fellow blerds and other nerdy associates. It wasn’t due to a lack of interest,...

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